Review: Tosca Hair Salon Tygervalley

In the lead up to my sister’s wedding the one thing I really needed to get ‘done’ was my hair. I’m sure you remember my ombre hair post a while back which I have now got over but been struggling to get rid of it properly and my colour I had put in 3 months ago had faded, meaning the ombre was making its second appearance…

I booked an appointment with the lovely ladies at Tosca Hair Salon as they had offered me an appointment and I’m always open to trying new hair salons. I went to the Tygervalley branch (a first for me visiting this shopping centre) but was super-convenient as they are open 7 days a week, so Sunday morning suited me perfectly.

My stylist was Verenique and she couldn’t have been more friendly and accommodating. We decided to put in a semi-permanent colour and a treatment from Kerastase (always a treat!). Verenique chose the colour and with my limited hairdressing knowledge I trusted her on this one.

The colour could not have been a better match and added great shine to my hair, so much so that I made her write it down so I can stick to it going forward. I had quite a long chat to Verenique about the products they stock in the salon as they really do have a very wide range which I really liked as they are able to give an unbiased suggestion as to what you should use – selecting from only the very best hair care brands.

Following my incredible scalp massage (post Whacky Wine Festival, so you can only imagine) I had a cut and blow dry – to my relief the ombre was gone and my hair feels healthier and shinier than it has looked in quite some time.

Excuse the awkward angle of me but you get an idea of the colour here.

Every single person I met at the salon was warm and chatty which I really liked as I find so many Cape Town salons are quite snooty, unless you are a real local. Tosca also has a beauty salon upstairs, which is great if you wanting to do your nails at the same time – they offer a wide variety of treatments.

Go and ‘like’ their Facebook page, there are awesome giveaways and all the info you would need. You can also visit their website here.

There are two Tosca hair salons, you can call the below for bookings:

Tosca Tygervalley:

(021) 914 1671/2

Tosca Tableview:

(021) 557 7879

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  1. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    Your hair looks beautiful. And yes, Verenique knows what she is doing. She did my colour and cut last time and it looked great!


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