Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation + Revlon Brilliant Strength Polish

You all know by now what a fan I am of Revlon (and I’ve converted so many of my friends). Seriously gals, their stuff is amazing and so affordable. The packaging is average at times – but they skimp on this and put everything into their products (unlike some other brands). I know I am often at fault for judging a book by it’s cover, but having tried loads of Revlon products over the past few years I can honestly say it is one of my most trusted brands. Anyhoo, this is their new foundation which I just adore. I never wear foundation, but rather opt for tinted moisturiser – most foundations are just too heavy and look cakey on me so I was really excited to try something that I could wear in the evenings with a little more coverage than a tinted moisturiser – as it’s name says, Nearly Naked foundation is Revlon’s super-light formula for a fresh, dewy look.

Some have compared this to Chanel’s Vital Lumiere – minus the ridiculous price tag! I just love the light texture of this product, it goes on easily and gives that much more coverage than a tinted moisturiser yet doesn’t look like you are caked in make up. The one con to this is the packaging, it is in a glass open bottle – it would be great if it were in a pump, however, this was done to save on packaging costs and spend more on product so we can’t really complain 🙂 Adding to this, I am also really enjoying the new Revlon Brilliant Strength polish formulation  It literally lasts forever and comes in a great selection of colours – my favourite is Inflame. The brush allows for easy painting and the shine keeps really well – great for a pedi as you have to try pretty hard to chip your nails with this stuff on.

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