Batiste launch Cherry and Paisley editions

I just love this stuff. If I were to choose 10 can’t-live-without products, this would most definitely be one of them. It’s just amazing and works wonders in obviously making greasy hair look fresh, but also in giving some added volume to flat, boring hair.  Batiste also have their mini’s which are so handy to keep in your hand bag and use if you going straight from work and need a bit of freshening up! They have recently launched two new variants and the bottles got me excited at first sight! How cute are they! Each of them also have a lovely scent to them. I must say, the Boho variant is too overpowering for me so I was concerned these would also be too strong but they aren’t at all overpowering – I particularly like the Paisley scent.

The Paisley version is described as a ‘light and punchy’ fragrance.It has a deliciously bright and fruity scent, with apple, raspberry, patchouli and jasmine and a gentle undertone of musk, vanilla and caramel. It is certainly very likeable. Cherry has the cutest bottle – I love this sitting on my bathroom counter! The scent is slightly artificial, but smells delicious in the hair; it’s sweet and fruity, lingering in the hair all day.

Really love these and always happy to add more of them to my collection, I go through bottles and bottles of this stuff!

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  1. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    Thanks for sharing, I need to buy a new batiste soon and some of the scents are sooo strong & gross. Will definitely give paisley a try, now I hope I can find it in Clicks!

  2. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    I love them and they are also pretty to display in your bathroom.There are so many variants.Wish we could get them all in South Africa especially the one for blonde hair.Check out my link 🙂


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