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“I’m a natural blonde but I feel like a brunette” – Olivia Wilde

A host of celebrities are changing up their looks with brand new haircuts and colours. Many of them are opting for brown hair, showing us that almost everyone has an inner brunette waiting to be let out! We’re especially inspired by Katherine Heigl’s new ultra-sexy hair-do! We spotted her change on Instagram and had to take a double-take to realise who we were looking at! She can now be seen sporting a longer length pixie cut styled with sassy waves at the top. But what’s most eye-catching about her new cut though, is its fabulous colour. She seems to be leaning more towards the brunette side – which we adore. With the slick sides and a curly top, we find it to be bold and daring and definitely a statement from her previous golden blonde locks. It’s not every day that a major hairstyle change is nonchalantly shown in a group Instagram photo!

Source: Instagram

It’s not every day that a major hairstyle change is nonchalantly shown in a group Instagram photo! We hope that Katherine has inspired you to brave the huge chop and enhance your features with a fabulous shade of brown while you’re at it. If not, here are some alternate on-trend hairdos in various rich shades of brown that will give life to your locks:

Short brown bob

 This look never gets old!

This look is simultaneously sleek and fun, whether you’re sporting a fringe or a side parting. Top tip: Why not try this slinky style with a warm chestnut shade if you have a fair complexion with cool undertones? We recommend: Renew Chestnut Brown Hair Colour

Pixie cut

This look is edgy any way you look at it!

Pixie cuts are the essence of style. At the same time, they can be very easily maintained and capture cuteness all-round. Top tip: If you’re of a fair complexion with warm undertones, you could try a dark coppery shade for some dramatic flair. We recommend: Renew Cappuccino Brown Hair Colour

Long bob

The long bob is a way to ease your way into a short hairstyle.

If you want this season’s must-have hairstyle without compromising too much on length, why not opt for an elegant long bob? Top tip: If you have a medium complexion with warm undertones, you could try a light brown shade to find your skin’s perfect balance. We recommend: Renew Light Brown Hair Colour or Renew Latte Hair colour

Choppy long bob

This look has become increasingly popular.

This is a more textured version of the long bob with added dimension and volume for an edgier look. Top tip: For those with a more olive complexion, you could opt for rich brown shade. Alternatively, those with dark warm undertones could try rich brown shades. We recommend: Renew Mocha Brown Hair Colour and Renew Natural Brown Hair Colour With these options, you’re sure to find the style and colour that frames your face to perfection. Share your shade of brown and your new hair-do with us on our Facebook page. Article sponsored by:

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