Filorga Sleep Recover Anti-Fatigue Night Balm

I am such a sucker for products with names like this, I immediately get intrigued about what they are going to do to my skin. Filorga is a product range that I am getting pretty excited about of late, initially I didn’t know much about them at all, but after recently finishing my jar of Time Filler (reviewed here), I am suitably impressed. I have been asked to be a judge for the ELLE Beauty awards and the Time Filler got my vote for best moisturiser (alongside QMS 24 Hour).

The latest from them is the Sleep Recover Anti-Fatigue Night Balm which they call ‘a good nights sleep in a jar’. We all know that our skin is at it’s most absorbant and ‘active’ while we’re sleeping so this product really takes advantage of this with a bunch of super active ingredients. This is what most ‘night creams’ are about though, so it isn’t a new concept in terms of your evening treatment being full of goodness, but the difference here is that this product targets all those skin concerns that stem from too little sleep (very much the case in my life right now). The four main things that are targeted are:

  • Drawn features, dark circles & lack of radiance
  • Congestion and puffiness
  • Fatigue and tension-related lines
  • Uneven skin tone, blemishes and loss of elasticity

I really loved the texture of this balm, it’s still got a gel-like formula but is quite a thick texture and absorbs into the skin almost immediately leaving behind a soft, silky feeling. The balm drains glycotoxins and cell waste from the face while you sleep – even if it isn’t for very long. The product is also packed with Filogora’s popular Complex Poly-Revitalizing NCTF (and its 53 active ingredients), which helps reenergize cells using hyaluronic acid during the night for fresh, revitalized skin in the morning. The pump bottle is also super hygienic and very convenient for travelling.

It currently retails for R785 for 50ml and is available at selected Edgars and Red Square Stores. For stockist information contact: (012) 567-1059.

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