Maybelline Popsticks

I received the Maybelline Popsticks a while back and haven’t had a chance to post about them yet – plus took them on holiday with me as like properly trying things out before I tell you about them.

From left: Pink Lollipop, Fruit Punch and Citrus Slice

My initial thoughts were WOW – the lip products look pretty darn cool I think and I am all about exciting, innovative products. They are most definitely something that you want to whip out of your handbag and tell all your friends about as the lip stick literally looks like a solid jelly stick, yum! The colours are also awesome shades of neon and just scream ‘summer’.

Packaging wise I think they are also really great – nice bright pink holder with a silver ‘twister’. As I said before, these really are everything that I think of when I think Summer – keeping that in mind let’s get onto the actual product.

As cute as these are they don’t really have a super moisturizing base and for the most part are indeed simply just a balm with a balm-y feeling when applied and no real fruity taste at all. Colour wise the tint is super subtle, but nice for summer when make up is minimal. The idea and concept is pretty cool but the actual outcome of the product isn’t nearly as great, sadly.

I will continue to use them but won’t be repurchasing them unless they re-launch with a better colour pigment. Really hope this is the case as love the idea and think they make for a really cute gift. 

Would be interested to hear your thoughts?

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