Edgars welcomes SAMPAR to their shelves

I was treated to a bag-full of products from Edgars the other day with all their new launches. They really are bringing some very exciting brands into their stores so it was literally like Christmas for me and I’ve had such fun trying them all out!

One of the brands that I was most excited about is a brand that I’ve never actually tried before (but read great things about) – it’s called SAMPAR.

Like all great skincare brands, it is from France and literally epitomises girly luxury. I love the pink packaging and the simplicity of the whole brands look. I got given two of their products to try and both were products that my skin is crying out for at the moment – the first being their So Much to Dew Midnight Mask (R395) and the second being their Glamour Shot Eyes (R295).

On a side note – how good are their prices!?

The products are aimed at city slickers whose skin needs that extra shield from all the free radicals that we are exposed to which cause that sallow looking dull skin we are all trying so desperately to avoid! SAMPAR aims to help the skin reset itself and let the natural healing process kick into top gear.

They constantly refer to the Urban Advance, anexclusive complex that acts at the heart of the skin cells to awaken and reactivate the skin’s natural functions. The three ingredients that this is made up of are:

Shea Butter Serum: for protection

Probiotic Sugar: to revitalise

Mint Endorphin: to sooth

All of these combined help the skin to return to and maintain the perfect state of equilibrium and balance – therefore performing and looking it’s best.

An interesting fact (that many brands don’t address) is that all SAMPAR packaging is air-tight and guarantees absolutely no contamination ensuring you can use every last drop and that it lasts well. Now down to my thoughts on the two products I was treated to:

So Much to Dew Midnight Mask (R395)

First things first, this packaging is just awesome – it comes in an air-tight tube with a brush on the end for easy application. It also means that you end up using minimal product -so you simply ‘paint’ it onto your skin and rinse the brush afterwards. It also has a lock function, so won’t spill all over your toiletry bag when travelling. I have been sleeping with this on and have to say it is THE perfect formula to do so – it’s a thin/light formula and sinks into the skin almost immediately. I woke up with firmer, plumped up skin and the skin around my eye area looked visibly different. I have already recommended this to a few readers – I just know you ladies will love it and it makes for the perfect travel companion as it’s easy to apply in-flight and will just give your skin the perfect holiday glow.  PS – this mask is transparent so you won’t get any odd looks 🙂

Glamour Shot Eyes (R295)

This is the answer to many ladies prayers! The product is not an eye cream but is, what I’d refer to as, a day-time, pre-make up eye primer. It comes with a lip-gloss-like sponge applicator that you swipe under both eyes post applying your day cream. You then leave it to dry completely and apply your normal make up. It helps plump up fine lines, conceals dark circles and leaves the skin around the eye looking like you have just had a little shot of Botox (minus the pain and nasties!). I loves this product – it really does give immediate results and is also just a pleasure to use, meaning I look forward to applying it each morning for its immediate results.

As I’ve mentioned, SAMPAR is now available in Edgars stores nationwide – yay, keep the amazing brands coming, guys!

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  1. Gina Christenson
    Gina Christenson says:

    Ah this sounds amazing. You recommended the eye cream to me last week and this post has made me want it even more 🙂 Thanks, Gina


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