Anthropologie beauty lusts

I have been lusting after so many of these pretty little beauty bits and bobs from Anthropologie for ages, so much so that I actually have a folder that I’ve kept over time of the lovely things from my favourite store.  Here are a few of them…

Belmondo skin care range – all made in Canada and using only natural ingredients. Love the idea behind this skincare range.
Barr-Co Hand Cream – this packaging is just beautiful
Lido Soap – again I would buy this for it’s pretty packaging. These soaps are rich in fragrance and inspired by life on the coast of Portugal
Albeit lipsticks are made using the famous Argan Oil that is all the craze right now. How amazing is this as a gift idea!?
This soap is the outcome of a collaboration between famous stationer, Mr Boddingtons Studio, and world renowned luxury soap brand, Mistral. Love!
U Bee Well (cute name) – just a pretty lip balm made of Olive Oil and locally sourced Calendula Flowers.
Again from Barr-Co – so cool!
Lastly, Astier de Villatte just get it right. I’ve owned a candle of theirs before and adore it . Their fragrances just smell French and beautiful.

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