Pretty Powerful by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown books have a special place in my heart. I had a few growing up that I had been giving (after many hints) and they were firm favourites. My best was the Bobbi Brown Teen Beauty – it was my go-to guide for everything! Then there was the Bobbi Brown make up manual that I saved up my pocket money for – this was the start of my ridiculous cosmetics obsession too! Mine started at a very young age. I remember collecting Body Shop products – I literally had every flavour in the body butter, scrub, shower gel and body spritzer. Anyway, Bobbi was always my favourite and was a brand I always wanted to use. I had some of her lipglosses, but that was as much as far as my pocket money stretched 🙂

Her latest book, Pretty Powerful, has just launched and I was lucky enough to receive one. You can only imagine the excitement. The book is layed out beautifully – the pictures are lovely and it’s based on the fact that Bobbi believes that all woman are pretty without make-up and with the right tools and knowledge can be empowered to another level of pretty –Pretty Powerful. 

The book is is said to be a different kind of make-up guide as it starts with you as a person rather than you superficially (how you look). I really enjoyed reading it as it really does remind you that we are all perfectly normal and pretty without make up on, and yet the tiniest bit can enhance some of your best features and change your whole look. Here a few pics:

I also got a few goodies – some beautiful new winter colours that I am so looking forward to trying.

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