Let the #ChangeYourSkin Challenge Begin with Kiehl’s

As you may have gathered by now, I am a part of the Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin challenge alongside the 5 lovely readers that I chose to join me. As of today, we started a 28 day skin challenge in the hope of getting healthier happier complexions after using these three trusty hero’s from Kiehl’s:

Midnight Recovery Concentrate – a pioneer product in the facial oil category

Dermatologist Solutions™ Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution – the 1st clear, stabilized dark-spot serum

Dermatologist Solutions™ Hydro-Plumping Retexturing Serum Concentrate  – the 1st serum to address age-related dehydration

Oh, and for those of you dying to try out these reat products, Kiehls are running a promotion: buy the 3 #ChangeYourSkin products for the price of 2, this ends on 24 June so hurry along!

We will be sharing the progress weekly on the changes (or lack of – this is all honest and open) that we see in our skin, let me introduce you to the 5 ladies who will be joining me in my experience, you can see their Twitter handles below and follow them too, or simply follow the hashtag #ChangeYourSkin:

Elizabeth @Ginger_Lizzy

Liz’s Skin Concerns:

“My skin concern is the very scientifically named “2 pregnancies and babies in 18 months with a combination of very little sleep and even less time to take care of myself”. I’ve always loved my skin – plump and (generally!) wrinkle free – but things have changed, and not for the best. Fine lines have crept in (some not so fine!), there is residual pigmentation from pregnancy (a side effect they fail to mention!), and everything is looking just a little blah.”

Kristi @kristijaybee

Kristi’s Skin Concerns:

“I actually have a LOT of skin concerns, but the main ones that really bother me are definitely dark sports and scarring from acne/hormonal breakouts every now and then, very uneven skin tone, dry and flaky skin, skin that just looks so dull and has no radiance, a lot of redness but this doesn’t bother me as much as some other things, skin that isn’t ‘smooth’, the overall look & feel of my skin, and premature aging (those fine lines and crow’s feet!), all really bother me. To be honest, I’ve never had skin that I love and that has been something to smile about, and as the years go on, I feel like my skin concerns become more and more. I’ve also never found something that has made me go WOW and keep purchasing.”


Falon’s Skin Concerns:

“I have a terribly dry skin, a very uneven skin tone and battle with dark spots. For someone who’s only 24, it’s really annoying.”

Ava @AvaStarr

Ava’s Skin Concerns:

“I have normal to dry skin (depending on the season) that lacks a little lustre.. Everyone wants dewy glowing skin! I also have some dark circles under my eyes which refuse to budge and some overall unevenness. I also have some scarring from a treatment gone wrong and a few acne scars. I’ve finally grown out of my teenage skin, but I do still get a spot or two!”

Natalie @Sinder7

Natalie’s Skin Concerns:

“I am 37. What are my skin concerns? All of them!!! I still break out on a regular basis and currently it looks like I am growing another head out the side of my face. I definitely have the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead which I would love to get rid of and maybe regain some of that youth bouncy plumpness I used to have (asking a lot I know). I also suffer from quite a dehydrated skin and being winter currently is making it worse, look like I am part alligator today due to the flakiness of my forehead and nose. Then finally I have a bit of an uneven skin as well as my nose area is always quite pink compared to the rest of my face.”

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