Ponds Age Miracle Advanced Night Repair

As you are all aware, I went to the Ponds launch at the One and Only Hotel about 2 months ago – and have been experimenting with the products ever since. As I say in my “This & That” tab – I will only ever write about a product once I have used it myself for quite a while – this way I will only provide you guys with an honest, factual opinion 🙂

I started using Ponds Age Miracle Advanced Night Repair cream a month and a half ago, and with my dry skin (that I keep moaning about) it seemed the perfect solution. For those of you that don’t know, a night cream is made to be much more active than a day cream – this is because the skin is out of the sun and ready to absorb all the active ingredients in the evening (the ones that are going to make a difference to the skin.) This isn’t to say a day cream has no active ingredients, however, has to be way more protective and form a barrier over the skin from free radicals and the sun in the harsh condition we face on a daily basis. Thus, night creams are the ones that really make the difference.

I have been using Ponds Age Miracle Advanced Night Repair Cream and been making a concerted effort to treat the neck and décolleté area exactly like my face – trust me it is worth it in the long run. So often I see women whose skin on their face is fine, but literally stops at their jaw line, exposing the dreaded turkey neck! I vow to never have one of these!!!

The Ponds Age Miracle Advanced Night Repair has been incredible impressive, the cream is on the thicker side, however, this absorbs into the skin really quickly, leaving no greasy film, unlike other night creams. I also noted that when I washed my face in the bath the following morning, there was no slimy feeling of it all washing off (proving that it all actually sunk into the skin.)


The Ponds Age Miracle collection ranges from R84.99 to R150.

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