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This past weekend I was spoilt to a Moor Detoxifying body treatment at Lis Spa in Chelsea Village (Wynberg). My therapist, Robyn, was fantastic and possibly the best masseuse I have come across in a while! 

The Neydharting Moor skincare and bodycare range makes use of the peat (mud) and peat water from the famous Neydharting Moor in Austria. Don’t worry, I didn’t either know what this was but it’s a lake-like region that is made up of hundreds and thousands of natural herbs, botanicals and nutrients that work wonders!

The range is very results driven and target aging and hydration problems – the mud is also renowned for its detoxifying properties. 

My treatment started off with being covered head to toe (well not my face) with this detoxifying mud. The heated blanket was on, which made lying there very pleasant. While the mud worked it’s magic, Robyn treated me to a 20 minute foot massage (my absolute best). You can opt for a scalp massage if feet aren’t your thing.

Once the twenty minutes had passed, I was told to get into a warm shower to rinse off the mud and hop back onto the bed. An out-of-this-world back massage followed to finish off a really relaxing treatment. I was then hydrated with the incredible Intense Body Cream from Moor. I have been using this product for a few weeks now and am a huge fan, the smell (very subtle) is heavenly and it sinks into the skin really well. Honestly seen a great change in my skin since using this. The skin remains hydrated for a lot longer that usual and maintains it’s elasticity – proving how well it penetrates into the skin.

That’s the cream on the left – amazing!

I am often a cynic when it comes to body treatments as I’m never sure of the end results, but I must admit, this treatment really did have a strong effect on my body. I actually left feeling quite light headed and certainly very detoxified (that is a good thing by the way, shows it actually worked!)

I look forward to telling you more about this range as I think their treatments and products offer something different and for those who are after natural skincare, yet still seeking results, this could definitely be for you. Really exciting range, watch this space.

Lis Spa details: 

021 761-0759

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