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You all now by now that my bathroom cupboard is made up of Wild Olive – it is my absolute favourite bath and body brand, and if you have not yet checked them out, please go now!

I actually took a friend there the other day who was wow’ed by the store, saying it felt like something you would find on Bond Street in London. So tastefully done – always leave feeling treated, plus the prices are really good!

This month I decided to try out there latest additions, the bath salts range. I am not the biggest fan of salts usually, as I end up forgetting I have them and they usually leave me smelling like I’m 93. 

However, I was so impressed with my Wild Olive one – I went for the Flora Capensis (see below) and the granules dissolved very quickly. The smell was very understated and it felt great on my muscles and back.The packaging is so pretty on the bath salts that I actually keep on right next to my bath and the smell gently filters through my bathroom. The Flora Capensis is my favourite as it is very ‘earthy’ rather than being sweet and pretty. It honestly makes my day when I end it with a Wild Olive bath!

Lastly, I also got one of their limited edition Liam Mooney candles and chose cedarwood as my scent (not a scent I would normally go for) and it’s amazing. Has a very woody/homely/wintery feel. I have now burnt it 5 nights in a row and had a dinner party last night where everyone raved about it!

While we at it, I see they have launched their first Facebook competition to win R500 worth of Wild Olive products – enter here!

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