Competition time

A giveaway is long overdue on Kiss, Blush and Tell but, to be frank, I like to keep this my blog, so would rather have fewer giveaways and make them awesome, which is exactly what this one is. This is definitely a pre-winter blues competition with enough goodies to make you feel fab going into this miserable weather (although I quite like it).

Starting off with my favourite hair range, ghd, are giving away this ahhhmazing hair hamper worth over R821! This prize alone would make me the happiest girl. I have been using the Curl Hold Spray for a few months now and it is a staple in my toiletry bag! They are all so luxurious and I have found the results very encouraging too. You will be receiving the Paddle Brush – R266, ghd Heat Protect Spray – R180, ghd Curl Hold Spray – R195 and the ghd Final Shine Spray – R180!

Secondly Wild Olive, a regular favourite on Kiss, Blush and Tell, is giving away the below hamper which consists of their beautiful body lotion, body wash, bath oil and bar of soap. These products will blow your socks off and, like me, I can guarantee that you will go back over and over again until your bathroom looks like a Wild Olive store!

And just when you thought we were neglecting your year-round tan, St Tropez is giving away this beautiful tanning hamper for an au-natural looking bronzed bod. These products are dreamy and a real treat. I clearly remember buying my first ever St Tropez product in Dublin and using my hard-earned cash for a tan (I know, I know) but it really was well worth it! This awesome kit is up for grabs where you will get a body polish, moisturiser and, of course, the self tan.

And then a brand that I am so excited to share with you, the beautiful Fli Jewellery collection. For those who haven’t heard of Fli Jewellery (where have you been?) they are a local beading company who really know how to win us girls over. I love their Flamingo bracelets. Fli Beads are spoiling the winner with your choice of three Flamingo Bracelets and a string necklace (you can either choose a heart or a word charm). What a treat?

Flamingo bracelet
String necklace

Last, and certainly not least, a brand I fell in love with in the UK – Mamma Mio. Again, one that is loved by many a beauty gal, it really is amazing and the packaging is so quirky & cute! Mamma Mio will be treating my readers to a bottle of Skrink to Fit – which means that all those hot cross buns you ate over Easter will miraculously disappear. Promise 🙂 But on a serious note; this product is renowned for exceptional, quick results so is a real goodie! The whole range has got rave reviews, so I’m excited!

How to enter?

Entering this is going to be really simple, all you need to do is like the Kiss, Blush and Tell Facebook page and leave a comment below with your name and e-mail address.

For extra entries please share this on your Facebook and Twitter account tagging Kiss, Blush and Tell (For Facebook)or @toritatham (for Twitter) in it so I can see it’s been done.

Competition closes on Friday 20th April. Winner will be announced on the Monday 23rd.

Good luck xox

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  1. One Stiletto At A Time
    One Stiletto At A Time says:

    Have liked on FB under One Stiletto At A Time.
    Will tweet, @Onestiletto

  2. Lize Kay
    Lize Kay says:

    Done, done 🙂

    Please oh please can I win! I'm getting married, I need beauty things 😉


  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    sho. this is just such a lovely competition. ghd products, wild olive, fli beads oh my. 🙂
    stef windisch
    stefwindisch[at] <3

  4. Desle
    Desle says:

    LOVE Kiss Blush and Tell!! Thank you for these awesome giveaways that make we want to KISS you! All these gifts make me BLUSH and I want to TELL the whole world! Hehehe;-D Desle McConney deslemcc[at]

  5. Chicara
    Chicara says:

    WOW, now this is what you call a giveaway!

    Chicara Joubert

    *I also tweeted and facebooked the competition*

  6. Wilma Smith
    Wilma Smith says:

    I hope I win this competition! I liked and shared the Kiss Blush and Tell page on Facebook. Holding Thumbs!

  7. Gabi
    Gabi says:

    This is literally the most phenomenal competition, well, ever. Mind blown at the GHD products, pretty trinkets, tanning fun and the rest of the greatness!

    How can a girl go wrong in winter/life with these goodies? Oh wait, they can't.

    Need them! x

    p.s. goldberg.gabi[at]

  8. Ruweida
    Ruweida says:

    Great blog 🙂 looking forward to following u on twitter & facebook.
    Ruweida Muhammad

  9. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    Amazing prizes!
    I'm not going to lie, I didn't know about this blog until now. But I will be following from this day forward! And I'll definitely spread the word.



  10. rachieworm
    rachieworm says:

    Have just recently been introduced to your blog and I find it lovely! And oh my, what a giveaway!

  11. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    This is an amazing competition. Thank you for the opportunity to give me a chance to win 🙂

    Feriaal Gamiet

  12. skarssing
    skarssing says:

    I wish your blog wasn't so damn popular…then I'd have a better chance of winning! s.karssing[at]

  13. Katey Foaden
    Katey Foaden says:

    Reading your blog makes my day…and this competition is another reason to celebrate!! katey.foaden[at]

  14. Elizma
    Elizma says:

    Love you blog!!! So inspirational:-)
    Awsome competition that will brighton any girls winter blues:-)
    Have a fab day!!!

  15. Linda Thompson
    Linda Thompson says:

    Goodness the Wild Olive hamper looks gorgeous! What an incredible competition!

    Linda Thompson


    Have liked on Facebook and following on Twitter. Will share on the sites too!

  16. Dominique
    Dominique says:

    This is such an amazing giveaway. I've tweeted, shared, liked and commented. Holding thumbs that I'm a winner!


  17. candthomo
    candthomo says:

    I have fallen in love with your blog…. So awesome:) All things that girls just love!!! I wouldn't mind a little treat :)You have managed to nail everything I love so big smile on my face, will be sharing this with as many people as possible. Keep up the great blogging 🙂

  18. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Well done ticks this competition is too cool and you've done such a good job with your blog! Keep up all the hard work, its so lovely to find out about so many new products xx

    Lots of love Amy Byloo


  19. LivLoo
    LivLoo says:

    I would do ANYTHING to win 🙂 The stuff is amazing and I am in serious need of some pampering with great products 🙂 Pick me!

  20. Kavita
    Kavita says:

    oh my gosh!! This is the most epic give-away I've come across this year. And I am currently addicted to entering competitions.

    On a student budget its tough to own such luxaries.
    It waould also be awsome to win this as a 21st birthday present as my birthday is on April 18th.

    holding thumbs..

    Twitter: @cup___cakes

  21. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Wow Tori. This competition is the tits!
    I shared on fb and liked. lolabythesea[at]


  22. jkfashion
    jkfashion says:

    I love reading Kiss, Blush and Tell" because it reflects you, Tori, the person, and it has not become just another "advertorial blog". ( Rupert and I were discussing this very fine line the other day.)
    Well done and thank you. Keep up the very good, fun, interesting " window on your world".


  23. Monie Munnik
    Monie Munnik says:

    WOW!!! Love this! Its amazing! I will do all the above! ……… Monie!

  24. Tanya B (
    Tanya B ( says:

    Liked and twitted! 🙂 I must say that this giveaway is unbelievable! Such great prize! I am already jealous of person that wins it 😉

  25. Carrott
    Carrott says:

    EEP!!! Best. Giveaway. Ever. I have decided that this is going to be my month of "Making more effort to look like I am a female" and every single thing on this list will assist me exponentially in this quest!
    Liked, shared, twitterered 🙂

  26. Davis Brandao
    Davis Brandao says:

    It is impossible to resist this competition. I am sure my wife will be even more gorgeous with these products


  27. Filipa
    Filipa says:

    Ok, wow, what an amazing giveaway!!! Don't know WHAT I'd do with myself if I won all those amazing products!


  28. LMAL82
    LMAL82 says:

    This is Awesome! I was feeling so glum today coming back to work after a glorious long weekend. This will turn that frown upside down 🙂

  29. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    If I won this, I'd die/ shriek/ leap/ (insert euphoric verb) for joy. In the eternal words of Steven Fry, "I’m a dotty dippy dozy dreadful delirious romantic" and I would happily tattoo toile du jouy (the french wallpaper you have as your background) all over my body to win beautiful things. I just may, in fact.


  30. Serene Motherhood
    Serene Motherhood says:

    What an amazing competition, love the products you review, you have great taste…

    Serene Motherhood

  31. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Great visuals throughout the blog – such a delight!
    Katya at k.komkova[at] (fist time competition entry)

  32. Tanya Slye
    Tanya Slye says:

    Another amaaaaaazing competition :)Besides GHD, I havent tried any of the other products- crossing fingers!!

    Stunning blog….as always!!

    Tanya Slye xxx

  33. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    If you are having trouble leaving a comment please go to the contact me tab and e-mail me, however leaving a comment is preferable. Thanks, Victoria

  34. Jenna Jewell
    Jenna Jewell says:

    Thank you for such a sweet romantic blog. Loving all the photos down the side, especially the peonies! And an amazing give away, thank you!

    Jenna Jewell

  35. Chereen
    Chereen says:

    Done! Such a lovely give-away. I'm specifically after the gorgeous Fli Jewellery…so pretty.

    Chereen Gibson

  36. Rollin Vintage
    Rollin Vintage says:

    Awesome blog! i just love the Fli beads giveaway, they are amazing! keep up the good work -liesahilliar[at]

  37. Lauren Watters
    Lauren Watters says:

    What an awesome giveaway filled with all things pretty and girly! Lauren Watters lauren.watters3[at] x

  38. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    TORI once again you pull out monster awesome competitions like this and i swooooon with excitement! shannonsmuts[at] – i will be holding all fingers, toes, crossing legs, arms hairs on my head till friday! Won't try sway you with a sob boyfriends story this time 🙂

  39. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Oh My Word!!! That is an InFreakinCredible prize to win…..what a way to welcome winter with all these goodies 🙂 …. ok, i've tweeted (hope u got that as im not to sure how it works) I'm a fan of your FB page and i've shared it on my wall ….. my name is Annabel Biggar-Davids and my email addy is annabel.biggar[at] and twitter is @AnnabelDavids

  40. Cesarina
    Cesarina says:

    OOoww…. Its my birthday on the 19th so this would go down an absolute treat!

    Pretty please.

    Cesarina, cesarinaes[at]

  41. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Best competition EVER! *crosses fingers*

    candice[at]playplaycreations[dot]com (brackets to fend off the spambots)

  42. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Such awesome prizes!! Thank you for running this very awesome competition!!

    Natasha xx


  43. Lauren Fletcher
    Lauren Fletcher says:

    What a great competition! Can't wait to see who wins. (",)



  44. Mareli Basson (Ambra)
    Mareli Basson (Ambra) says:

    wow, such an amazing competition, will spread the word 😉
    Mareli Basson

  45. samantha
    samantha says:

    Have liked the facebook page
    Name: Samantha Pillay
    Email: angel_sam(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Will be tweeting and sharing for an extra entry 🙂

  46. Samantha (
    Samantha ( says:

    What an AWESOME giveaway!!
    Holding thumbs!**


  47. Bianca Delides
    Bianca Delides says:

    Victoria you really have such a beautiful and interesting blog! I especially adore your food and restaurants category. I am definitely going to spread the love 🙂


  48. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    This would be a perfect pre-wedding pressie to get myself looking gorgeous, sunkissed, healthy and glowing 🙂

    Amy Fisher

  49. Lara Anne Searle Barnett
    Lara Anne Searle Barnett says:

    I would love all these delightful wonderful things for myself but I would give it all to my daughter for her birthday present(except Mamma Mio Skrink to Fit)

  50. Kate Robinson
    Kate Robinson says:

    Victoria, your blog is too lovely. Thank you for such an awesome competition! Would be SO exciting to win…

    Kate Robinson –

  51. Adieu
    Adieu says:

    What a fabulous competition! What a fabulous blog. I will be telling about this one…. Fingers crossed mine is the lucky entry.

    Felicity Hudson (felicity.hudson[at]

  52. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    Oh wow, this looks like the best prize ever and certainly will help keep the winter blues away! Please, please pick me:) laurenlbateman[at]

  53. Claire du Trevou
    Claire du Trevou says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring blog to stumble upon. And just in time to enter a competition!

  54. Christy
    Christy says:

    Your photos are amazing. I especially like the one of the flowers at the top of this post. It looks like it was a bouquet for a bride perhaps? Definitly the kind of flowers i would want to carry down the aisle. Amazing colour!


  55. simone
    simone says:

    LOVE all your blog Tori, the gifts up for grabs are awesome but have to say the Flamingo bracelet is a STUNNER! Simone Hurst simonehurst8[at]

  56. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Oh my goodness – this is seriously the most amazing competition, like, ever!! soooo perfect for pre-winter! thanks xx lizemarimoller[at]

  57. Tania
    Tania says:

    Oh my soul, just what I need in my quest to Un-Mommify myself! (there's a post on my blog about it if you want to have a squizz)
    I have liked you on FB and my email addy is rouxtania9 at gmail dot com

  58. Chezibell
    Chezibell says:

    Hi there, love the products and with my first pregnancy these amazing products will come in serious need lol. I love your blog!!! So amazing I seriously need to learn how to do it. Stunning photo's and such amazing moments captured WELL DONE!!! Very rare to get good photographs such as these. Liked on facebook and twitter 🙂

    Cheri Barrett….. Chezzels[at]

  59. Skinny Bitches in the Making
    Skinny Bitches in the Making says:

    How did I only manage to see this now?!
    Done the above and holding thumbs!

  60. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! especially ghd and jewelry! so great! awesome blog! keep it up! love. xx mariskavanwyk[at]

  61. Emily
    Emily says:

    Oooh, such a cool competition. Am feeling like a frazzled working mother right now so all of these prizes look like heaven!

  62. Francoise Brand
    Francoise Brand says:

    oooooh!!! SO thrilled my friend told me about this!!!

    Françoise Brand – francoisebrand[at]

    *holding thumbs* while tweeting about this!

  63. KB
    KB says:

    Tor – what a fabulous blog my girl!! Will definitely repost link all over my page!
    Keep the gorgeous stuff coming!

    Lots of love, KK xx


  64. Natasha Faria
    Natasha Faria says:

    Gorgeous! I love the overall feel, and this is one helluva giveaway.




  65. chantal
    chantal says:

    Liked on Facebook, followed on twitter and added to RSS feed !
    Goodluck everyone!
    Chantal ( chantalbb1[at]

  66. J van Wyk
    J van Wyk says:

    FAB competition. I really hope I win! 🙂 I have shared on FB, and tweeted it too! My email: jolene.profitt[at]

  67. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    This the most awesome give away! to the point of me racinf to an internet cafe just to nter s my internet has ran out lol! serious rusdh of excitement 🙂 love your blog big time!


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