Geranium + Flora Capensis {Wild Olive}

I have a feeling these two scents might be my scents for this season. I have mentioned this before, but I like sticking to certain scents for certain times of the year/holidays etc. That way my memories are so vivid and scent orientated. It sounds weird explaining it, but you get the picture.

I simply cannot get enough of the new scent from Wild Olive called Geranium. Think girly, light, pretty, pink and delicious. It is amazing; I literally burn it at any given chance. Makes a great present too!

Adding to this, I actually get asked quite often for exfoliater/body product advice. It’s one of those products that when you do eventually find the right one, you celebrate. A good exfoliater is hard to come by. I swear by the Wild Olive one and used it for years before I even moved to Cape Town. It’s well priced, smells like heaven, lasts well and seriously does the job – leaving your skin feeling divine (without feeling like a gross oil slick – my worst!)

This is a new scent that I am trying and loving (Flora Capensis). It is made of plant extracts from loads of the Table Mountain fynbos so the smell really does make you feel amazing – plus the aromatic properties are perfect for stressed out, stiff muscles.

Keep an eye out for their limited edition range that is being launched tomorrow. For those who are going to the launch, see you there!

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