Wild Olive treats

You all know my obsession with Wild Olive products by now, every trip to that shop leaves me feeling like I’m on a bit of a high, not sure whether that’s all the amazing scents or just the pure decadence of the whole experience…

I have been so excited to make a trip to their stores as I saw that their limited edition gift sets were out with out-of-the-world packaging et al (great packaging and I’m sold!) The sets are the perfect Christmas gift and really well priced.

How beautiful are their stores?!

I picked up my must-have product from them which you all know I love (the body scrubs) – I have converted my sister, a few friends and even some guys onto these scrubs. They are amazing and can be used on the face too.

Their beautiful scrubs

With the move into my new home in sight, I also picked up a candle that is from their new range with an array of scents that left me very confused as to which one to go for. I am a scented candle junkie with everything from the o-so-glam Dyptique to Dermalogica candles )and everything in between), and Wild Olive are definitely my favourite. A good scented candle is classified as having a scent that lasts and travels well (according to me) and a scent that is not sickeningly over-powering. Wild Olive ticks all these boxes.

I am looking forward to trying more of my new products and of course getting my skin summer-ready. I’d have to say that their Florale Facial mist is definitely my number one summer product already – dewy, fresh skin all day long – and there some great prices on these at the moment too!

Let me know what you are loving – would be keen to try it out! Check out there Facebook page here.

Images from their Facebook page and my own

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