Nails ’11/’12

I started doing this post a few weeks ago and when sifting through my (grossly disorganised) iPhoto folder, I kept cominf across more and more nail pics. I have to apologogise for the quality first, as these were all taken on my Blackberry’s camera (need I say more?). My beautiful camera was stolen in Thailand.

Anyway, these are a selection of nail shots that were taken over the last year or so of my different nail colours/nail art. I have explained below each image which product this is, and tried as best I can to remember which colour it.

I know quite a few of you have shared your ‘nail colour of the day’ pics with me over time, please continue to do so, I love it!

What colours are you loving this season. I am going to be doing a fall/winter post like this soon as these are all colour ranges from 2011/early 2012.

Incoco – leopard print
Essie – Borrowed and Blue
Essie – Lady Like
Essie – Mint Apple
Essie – Nice is Nice
Essie – Merino Cool
Gelish – Hot Rod Red
Essie – French Affair
Incoco – silver glitter
Essie – my own pastel rainbow look
Essie – Haute as Hello
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  1. Katie
    Katie says:

    Really gorgeous colours – I'm loving the pastels and the muted grey colours – lovely paint jobs oxox

  2. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Trust me they are not perfect paint jobs 🙂 I'm too impatient half the time. Also loving pastels, but can see my going back to darks this winter. Black always looks gorgeous 🙂

  3. Jules
    Jules says:

    perfect paint job indeed! I think if I took a picture of mine you would disown me as a friend 🙂 you would think after spending so much time with you Isa girls and basically living at Isa I would know how to paint my nails!! 🙂


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