Jo Malone {London Blooms}

Jo Malone is one of those stores that literally makes my heart happy. This is probably due to the fact that it is just so London, and nothing makes me happier than London! 

For those of you who are yet to pop into the V&A store, do yourself a favour. Even if it is just for the complimentary hand treatment where they massage your hands and forearms with your chosen scent, and you leave smelling like heaven!


I was invited as an introduction to Jo Malone’s latest range – London Blooms. Inspired by the Chelsea Flower show, these are simply amazing. You all know how I love my florals, so these illustrations got me very excited! The three scents are Peony & Moss, White Lilac & Rhubarb and Iris & Lady Moore. I initially thought my favourite was the Peony & Moss (the most popular), but on the scent tests, it seems I preferred the White Lilac & Rhubarb!

Peony & Moss:

“A contrast of the dainty and the dirty. Delicate peony, clad in the moist earthiness of moss. Laced with cordial-intense cassis. Encircled with ivy. A fragrance of gossamer lightness, grounded in rich verdancy.”

White Lilac & Rhubarb:

“A celebration of seductive contrasts beloved by modern gardeners. Tart-vibrant rhubarb cuts through delicate florals. The softness of lilac. The femininity of rose. And the almond scent of sun-loving heliotrope.”

Iris & Lady Moore:

“A fascinating mingling of spicy-fresh, common-or-garden geranium and noble iris, powdery and poised. Two characterful purple florals, rustling above an elegant dry-grass bed of vetiver.”

RRP – R950 for 100ml

Image source here and here

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