Christmas with Bobbi Brown {2012}

Being a blogger, the build-up starts kind of early for us as the send outs for the Christmas build up start, well, now…

Bobbie Brown are always top of my list, could you get any better than this? Their Christmas goodies are absolutely gorgeous – glitzy and so festive! The part I like most about these palettes is that all the colours are actually wearable. So often I get a palette where I use one or two of the colours and leave the rest, but these really work well together and are all lovely. Here is an idea of what you expect to see in this years collection (out 15 October).

The Bellini eye palette is the perfect handbag accessory as it really does have every touch up colour imaginable in it, while still allowing you to create the simplest of looks to the most glam – perfect for your summer getaway. This set has the eye and lip palette in one and goes for R795.

This Nude Lip and Eye Palette is right up my alley and really nifty too. This one costs R350 which is the most affordable if you looking at getting something for a friend or bride-to-be.

For those who like the Kiss, Blush and Tell Facebook page, you would have seen my new Bobbi Brown shimmer nail polish in Black Pearl. I love wearing dark colours on my nails but they often tend to look a tad gothic and intense, but this sheen made this so classy and just beautiful. What do you think?

R210 launching 5 November

For the more daring there is the Black Pearl eye shadow palette that my smokey-eye-obsessed friends have already gone mad for. I really need to learn to master this one! I also got this pretty gloss that has the most gorgeous, understated sheen. I also got the new limited edition Kohl cake liner which comes in black and is available 15 October for R250.

Lip gloss – R250 launching 5 November; eye palette R550 launching 15 October

Last, but certainly not least – I also got the newest Bobbi Brown fragrance – Almost Bare. There is no toher way to describe this than ‘luxurious’. It just smells classy and fabulous and is the kind of scent I would imagine wearing on a hot summers eve when you have been lazing in the sun all day. Simple and classic.

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