Esse {Part 2}

This is a continued review on the gorgeous Esse products that I have been trialling for over a month. See part 1 over here.

The Toner – R135 I adore a good toner. It’s one of those items in your skincare routine that you could skimp on if you choose to, but I could never. It makes you feel doubly as clean and just soothes, hydrates and makes my skin look great. This one from Esse is a goodie and smells dee-vine. Honestly one of the best smelling toners out!  I got a small sample of this and have already finished it (that’s how much I like it). If you don’t own a toner, please consider it – it’ll change your life. *KBT tip – put your hydrating toner in a good spritzing bottle and lightly spritz over your face post-make up. It will help your skin glow and is the perfect way to freshen up a dull face. I see the full size from Esse is a spritzer – even bigger win. *adds to Christmas wishlist*

Eye & Lip Cream – R210 This is also a good product even though it hasn’t got me hooked {like the rest of the range} I do still like it and particularly enjoy the light texture to help with puffy eyes. I have been using this more for the lip area as I felt/saw result in this area far more than around my eye area. For any smokers out there, this might be your only saviour from those horrid smokers lines! Perfect for the fine skin in this area.

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