My make-up mess

I know myself too well. If I try be super-organised and have every piece of make-up/cosmetics in their allocated make-up bag/drawer/container then my bathroom counter will look a disaster when I am done… Guaranteed.

For me it needs to be as accessible and simple as possible when it comes to my everyday make-up. Basically my cosmetics cupboards have enough cosmetics to last me a lifetime… And longer. I have shelves of scented candles, shelves of self tan, drawers of nail varnishes, and bags of ‘eye-things’/’lip-things/cheek-things blah blah blah (the list is long and ridiculous). However, the embarrassing part of all of this is that I use a teensy-tiny fraction of these cosmetics, so until then they can look pretty in my drawers, and I am on a  mission to make my daily essentials look pretty, while being practically kept, thus avoiding my make-up mess.

This is the look I am going for…

As I’m sure you have guessed, the Dyptique candles as storage sold me as I love these and generally throw the jar away when they are burnt through, now I’m counting the days ’til these are done and I can use them to store ear-buds, glosses etc etc. I have bought a beautiful ceramic toothbrush holder from Wild Olive that has been great in storing my brush collection (ridiculous too), and plan on getting more of these as they are pretty and practical. How do you store your make-up/perfumes/cosmetics? Think I should try the jar look for some products, but I just seem to clutter everything as I want to display it all… As us girls do 🙂

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  1. Stacey Schiefner
    Stacey Schiefner says:

    Hi Tor a nice way to store your make-up brushes is to half fill a glass container (size depending on the amount of brushes you have) with coffee beans and then stand your brushes up in the coffee beans. Looks cool and smells good think I saw it on pinterest 🙂 lv Stace xx

  2. Charlene
    Charlene says:


    I personally use a mixture of tins and beautiful gift boxes to store my make up. For the items I don't use too often I have a drawer system in my cupboard.

    A while ago I saw some really clever ideas of how to display makeup in really beautiful ways using magnets.
    The blogs:
    Liz Marie Blog
    Elke Von Freudenberg [ Beauty Blog ]

    I don't think there will ever be an entirely perfect way to store ones ever growing makeup collection, it is fun trying them out.

    Charlene xxx

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    @Stace – thansk Stace, that is SUCH a cute idea, and handy to have something to make the brushes stand up straight. @Charlene – thank you so much for these beautiful links.Like the idea of gift boxes too xx


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