AW15 Hair Trends – David Gillson

I’m feeling a bit dull on the hair side of things – with the change of season my hair loss has increased and I just generally feel like I need a change (and some inspiration). So I turned to none-other than top hairstylist, David Gillson from Carlton Hair to get some questions answers in AW15 Hair trends:

KBT: Top 3 hottest hairstyles to be sporting this season:

LOB (long bob) – loose, long layers styled sleek or wavy

Undercut – embrace your inner rebel and disconnected panels of cut in short or long hair. It gives you a rebellious streak, even if you are conservative business woman, as you can hide your panel.

The look of the disco era haute hippy is all 70s-inspired looks and is making a comeback. Embrace your inner disco girl!

KBT: Top requested cut for AW15?

Kim Kardashian’s new lob and Jessica Alba’s shorter bob.

KBT: Hair colour of the season?

Bleached blonde for the adventurous and baby lights for the not so adventurous. Ombre and sombre is dead.

KBT:The ultimate styling product for this season’s look:

Davines More Inside Sea Salt spray to give that loose and textured look.

For the sleek and groomed look and to hydrate bleached blonde hair use Davines Essential OI / Oil for moisture and a glossy finish.

Bleached blonde is the biggest trend and anyone can do it now thanks to the technological advancement of Davines colour, which can be perfectly achieved with A New Colour, ammonia-free colour.

KBT:3 small changes to do at home to improve general appearance and health of your hair:

1. A great winter tip is to improve the condition of your hair by working through one of the 6 Davines Alchemic (silver, golden, red, copper, chocolate, tobacco) conditioners. You become the alchemist so you can play around with colour at home and increase the warm of your colour. It is a fun way of changing colour without the commitment.

2. Style your hair differently. Work with an iron such as the Corioliss Glamour Wand to create texture and movement and finish off with a spritz of Davines More Inside Sea Salt Spray.  It gives more of a fun and trendier look to any style.

3. Get rid of the winter hair condition blues by using the correct home care, such as the Davines Essential Minu range of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and serum. It is Illuminating and protective for cosmetically coloured hair.

KBT: How frequently should you be visiting your hairdresser for a trim?

It depends on your cut. The shorter and stronger the cut, every 4-6 weeks. The longer and looser, every 8 -12 weeks. Even if you are trying to grow your hair, it is important to make more regular visits than usual.

KBT: In short, what are this season’s trends:

1. Short

2. Natural

3. More straight than curly

4. Textured & tousled

5. Blunt

6. Sleek ponytail

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