Pet Peeves #3


Yay – Monday’s are starting to become kind if nice because a pet peeves post is due (see past posts here and here) – and better than that, I get to read your comments.

You guys are as intolerant as me (well nearly) – makes me laugh so much. This week I am going to copy some of your pet peeves from last week (see who they are from in brackets) as well as some new ones – yes, they were that good!

Pet Peeves for today are:

1) People who don’t get personal space ( – Bianca) 2) Estate agents full stop! 3) Nouveau Riche (this is my worst, and if you haven’t heard that term, click here) 4) Takkies with jeans ( – Bianca) 5) People who still try to do the “Dear XXX, Sincerely XXX” thing (as in “Dear Universe“, “Dear Mark Zuckerberg“, “Dear Weather” etc) when ranting or trying to make a point and trying to be funny at the same time (operative word: TRYING) (found this hilarious – Andrea) 6) Nail polish on the skin around the nails, if u can’t paint them properly get someone else to! ( – Shannon S.) 7) Girls wearing t-shirts with ‘GUESS‘ printed on the front over the bust with diamante’s or anything close to that. Mutton dressed as lamb pretty much… ( – LeChelle) 8) Posting seriously personal stuff on Facebook, like how your ex-boyfriend is an ass and wants custody of your child etc etc. And then the people who comment on that comment! Attention-seekers much? ( – Kirsty) 9) Women with moustaches ( – Anna) and I will add in the bushy browns too – gross

More to come next week, for now share your peeves for this week… O and on that note, Happy Monday 🙂

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  1. suganon
    suganon says:

    Ahhh my favourite thing about mondays!

    Here are some uncontrollable peeves of mine!

    When u forget to watch the time on microwave popcorn and it burns!

    When you go to a club/concert and you are DYING to pee and there is a 30 woman strong queue for the ladies (i actually used the mens and pee'd in a urinal once-it was that or the floor!)

    When female barladies ignore you cos they think guys will tip them better…from experience, you're wrong, ladies always tip better!

    the sound of a stone squashed into your shoe when u walk and you cant get it out

    Tor…thsi will never get old! THANK YOU!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    People who use the word "turd." Am I the only one who finds that word to be disgusting? I can't stand it! One of my biggest pet peeves. My skin just crawls.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    This just made my day! Can I add old people on public transport in the UK? Enough to put me in a ragingly foul mood, when they take 10minutes just to get off the bus after having sat next to me and breathing deeply into my ear whilst leaning their hordes of old dirty shopping bags against my leg!

  4. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Hahaha Sarah – I hate olf people in the UK,. they smell of greasy hair and sleep (yes you can smell that stuff), plus they have those wheely shoppers. Revolting seriously – plus they travel in their 'peak' old age home hours as they get it for free at that time

  5. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    People who always RSVP 'maybe' when they're invited to events on Facebook (or don't bother RSVPing at all!). You just know they're waiting for a better offer – so rude!

  6. Jules
    Jules says:

    People that don't reply to messages or RSVP, its just common courtesy!

    People who smoke, to fit in or look cool! Makes you look more awkward and silly!


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