Pet Peeves #4

Today’s Pet Peeves is late, I know, but to be quite frank I am seriously out of it this week. I thought today was Wednesday up until a meeting I had earlier. This whole house buying thing is allowing me to have very little sleep. My OCD meant that I lay awake in bed the other night drawing plans, reading up on paint products and researching wood types. What has become of me? 

Either way my pet peeves for this week have been building up for a while – I think I need to start keeping a note book on this very topic, although this could make me even more intolerant that I already am, but taking number one for me is…

  • Grant and Anele on Five FM! (Especially Anele’s accent she chooses to accentuate when telling a joke making her sound like she has never spoken English!)
  • People who are going to King’s of Leon especially to watch “Your Sex Is on Fire” – what a waste
  • Tracksuits – there is no excuse in the world to leave the house with this on. None
  • Copy-cats – even though my mum always said ‘take it as a compliment’ – I can’t, it’s just plain annoying
  • Toes that creep over clip-cloppity high heels (clip-cloppity is that noise that metal stud makes when worn though on a heel – eww)
  • The battery on my Blackberry
  • Under-arm hair (just when you think you are on top of it, it re-appears)
  • Girls with thick foundation stuck in their eyebrows (mine and my best friend’s worst, worst thing in the world) – use ear buds puh-lease.
  • Kids under the age of 15 wearing sunglasses. It is not cute

That’s all for this week, now please get sharing yours to make me laugh… 🙂

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      1. bianca
        bianca says:

        I have a new one! Clothes on the bathroom floor – my boyfriend tends to leave them there for a good few days. Thank goodness we have separate bathrooms (the secret to a successful relationship – haha).

        People who write LOL at the end of everything. Are you laughing all the time?!

        People who take a new toilet roll, and then put the new toilet roll ON TOP of the toilet and leave the empty one in the holder. How hard is it to replace?! (boyfriend guilty again – much grooming to be done before marriage material :P)

      2. Lesley-Ann
        Lesley-Ann says:

        People that order 'large' flat whites. It cannot be large, else it's a latte, fool!

        People incessantly tweeting/posting on Facebook re Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Deadmau5 or whatever international act has finally decided to grace Cape Town with their presence. Get. Over. Yourselves.

        Overdone lipliner. Or lipliner in general, really.

        CAPS LOCK. You're shouting. Stop it.

        The confusion between 'your' and 'you're' and 'their', 'there' and 'they're'. How did these cretins pass Grade 4?

        Extreme Tuesday annoyance.

      3. Leigh-Anne Jenkins
        Leigh-Anne Jenkins says:

        Out of all of those I have to go with the foundation in the eyebrows, the most annoying thing ever!!! Why does it not bother those girls?????

      4. Victoria
        Victoria says:

        Cos they obviously dont look in the mirror. makes me want to clean it for them, like when I see someone with a yellow pimple. Eww

      5. suganon
        suganon says:

        people that walk in the middle of the road and when u drive up to them look you in the eye and continue to slowly walk away….i will run you over, i swear i will!

        the foundation in the eyebrows is such a killer! i can never stop staring at their eyebrows, also the base line on the chin line, if u are going to wear foundation that is a complete different colour to your skin tone, then blend it into your neck properly, or u look like u are about to enter stage left for Les Mis.

        and finally, random waiters, shop assistants, office workers who feel the need to make random chit chat with you, i don't know you, and if i want to talk to you, i will, if my replies are one worded, leave me alone i don't want to know about the traffic/weather/new tea choice!!!!!

        I know they're a day late but it's my weekly therapy! Had to get it out!

      6. Megs H
        Megs H says:

        I’ve been annoyed by 2 different people.

        01. The Pen Clicker
        A pen clicker.Yes. Lid off. Click lid back on. Lid off. Click lid back on. Lid off. Click lid back on.Can that person not hear how annoying that is? Does it not irritate anyone else ?
        Why do people do this? Can't they all just stop doing it!

        02. The Finger Tapper
        A Finger Tapper. He had his music on really loud, and throughout the songs he
        was listening to, he tapped his fingers against the table at the restaurant. Tap, tap,
        tappity, tap, tap. Yes. You’re listening to music and you’re enjoying it. Well done.
        We don’t all want to hear about it so stop tapping your fingers! No amount of evil
        glares I gave this guy the hint that I was annoyed by his stupid finger tapping.

      7. Kathryn (Becoming you)
        Kathryn (Becoming you) says:

        Megs you forgot these…

        03. The Knuckle Cracker (stop it!)
        04. The Leg Shaker (husband is a serial offender)
        05. The Tight Wad Restaurant Bill Splitter (who actually makes plenty more money than you)
        06. The Nose Picker (your car windows are NOT tinted – we can see you!)
        07. The Eye-contact Avoider (looking over your shoulder to see who else they can talk to or just plain avoiding your eyes)
        08. The Facebook Oversharer (the toilet habits of anyone including your child are TMI)

        Oh I could go on… but I'll leave some for next week 🙂


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