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As you would have seen on my stories, I went on a ‘bring Christmas into my home’ mission. This time of year has always been my absolute favourite, I would choose to have a sparkly Christmas tree up in my home for a good three months if I could! I decided to go to Lifestyle Home Garden in Randburg as it’s literally Christmas paradise. I thought I would pop the different themes into a blog post as they do a brilliant job at dividing the store up into different ‘looks’; making it much easier to shop. I have decided I want to start collecting a proper Christmas decor collection that I can add to each year. Don’t be fooled by this VERY high-level shortlist of each theme, as there are ENDLESS baubles, tinsels, lights, trees, ornaments, tea light holders etc. to fit into each theme. You will be SO inspired! Let’s get into it…

1. Blush Pink Tinsel (270cm) – R49.99 2. Glass Bauble with Star Sequins Inside – R49.99 each 3. Hanging Swan – R249.99 4. Hanging Flying Pigs – R69.99 each 5. To the Moon and Back Mixed Bauble Pack – R199.99 (30 baubles and available in 7 diff colour packs)

1. Fuchsia Poinsettia on Clip – R99.99 2. Gold Hummingbird Hanging Ornament – R69.99 each 3. Glass Tea Light Holders – R39.99 each 4. Stars with double sided colour sequins – R34.99 each 5. Royal Purple Deco Bauble – R34.99 (over 25 different varieties of these available!)

1. Flamingo Hanging Ornament – R99.99 each 2. Multi Coloured Pompom Baubles – R39.99 each 3. Hanging Lama – R79.99 each 4. Turquoise Mixed Bauble Pack – R119.99 (16 baubles) 5. Penguin Couple Hanging Ornament – R199.99

1. Felt Xmas Stocking – R299.99 each 2. Nutcracker Figurine – R299.99 each 3. Deco Wreath with Leaves and Red Berries – R549.99 (so many diff options available) 4. Foam Donut Bauble with beads – R49.99 each 5. Santa’s Little Helpers Hanging Ornaments – R119.99 each

1. Eucalyptus Tinsel Star garland (270cm) – R99.99 (available in 16 diff colours) 2. Porcelain Whale Hanging Ornament – R59.99 each 3. Mermaid Tail Stocking – R299.99 4. Sea Figurine Hanging Ornaments – R119.99 each 5. Night Blue Glitter Star Tree Topper – R59.99 (available in 11 colours) This post was done in collaboration with Lifestyle Home Garden

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