5 Ways to Re-use Luxury Candle Jars

I am such a big fan of luxury candles, it has become my one indulgence (read: one of my many) every time I travel – mainly because I guess we don’t get the widest range here in South Africa and also because every time I burn the particular scent I am reminded of that country and special holiday. 

Unfortunately these pricey candles don’t last too long, so below are a few ideas of ways to re-purpose your luxury candle jars, as what a waste it would be to throw it in the bin! The jars are usually the selling point for me (I guess I shouldn’t be saying that – but I am the queen of packaging and judging a book by it’s cover), so what better way to enjoy your pretty jar after it’s days of being a candle are over?!?

Oh, and if you missed my candle making post DIY, you can have a look over here.

The Make Up Holder

I use this idea at home – these jars make perfect make up brush or make up pencil holders!

The Dainty Vase

The perfect addition to your coffee table! Place an old candle holder with a bunch of flowers or even delicate ferns, so simple and pretty!

The Stationery Holder

Similar to the make up holder, these make a chic desk accessory to hold all your stationery accessories in style.

Beauty Accessories Storage

I also use this at home – I have one for my ear buds and one for my cotton rounds – so handy and still looks so neat and stylish.

Vases for Beautiful Bulbs

I haven’t tried this idea but really love it – imagine how great this would look on a coffee table? Definitely on my to-do list 🙂

Odds and Ends

And then a few other ideas; from ring storage to serving nuts (although not sure I’m sold on that one).

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