My Favourite Beauty YouTubers

Can you believe I have had this post in my drafts for about 4 months?! I keep adding and taking away YouTubers from my list. I originally had a pretty lengthy one but the combination of foreign accents and some very annoying personalities has whittled this guru list down, can you tell I’m slightly intolerant?!

Anyway, if you aren’t into YouTube, I really can’t rave about it enough. I have learnt SO much about make-up through watching tutorials and it really has encouraged me to experiment and try new things – more new techniques that anything, don;t worry – I won’t be getting much more cray than that! These are the ladies I love watching and the videos below have been some of my best 🙂 Now pour yourself a cup of tea and get comfy, this can be very addictive, you’ve been warned!


Anna is probably my fave, I also love her weekly vlogs and admire her opinion. She makes me wish I did this blogging think full-time. Love her reviews!

Lily Pebbles

Lily and Anna (above) do loads of videos together and are good friends, She also does great vlogs and cute fashion collection videos.

Lauren Curtis

Lauren is all about make-up, and a lot of it. She is from Australia and I love how talented she is, even though I would never wear this much. She really is pretty amazing and probably my all-time fave! She is an example of someone who’s life has been transformed thanks to YouTube.

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn is so watch-able and easy to understand, plus a serious make-up artist who is really talented! You can’t believe the before and after’s of some of these girls – wow!


Estee is a Canadian girl living in the UK. She is such fun to watch as has such a good sense of humour. I don’t LOVE her tutorials, but enjoy her hauls and monthly favourites. Loved this Holy Grail video done with Hey Claire – see below.

Hey Claire

So talented, if you watch one video make it this one! Honest like no other.


This girl is such a doll (in the best possible way). I love her advice and how honest she is, plus she’s got a shopping problem that will always make you feel better about your splurges!

Lisa Eldridge

The queen of tutorials. Seriously! When I first discovered Lisa Eldridge a few years ago I literally stayed up through the night and watched about 30 videos. She makes everything look so easy and keeps her make up minimal, which I like. Love her tutorials where she collaborates with celebs like Alexa!

Chloe Morello

Another Aussie girl who I love. She is a make up artist by trade and also does beautiful work. Definitely the queen of the cat-eye and fake lashes. Just love her looks and can definitely thank her for teaching me how to wear eye-shadow more comfortably.


These girls were the first to explode the beauty YouTube world and are the duo behind my favourite Real Techniques make up brushes. This really is watching professionals at work and they are so relaxed and chatty!

Mary Greenwell – Into The Gloss

These are short and quick and make use of the very best make up but Mary Greenwell is pretty amazing to watch in action 🙂 Loved this wedding make up tutorial using Chanel.

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  1. Luzanne ♥ Pink Peonies ♥
    Luzanne ♥ Pink Peonies ♥ says:

    Our taste in beauty vloggers is very much the same! I'm subbed to all the vloggers you mentioned above, and then some! Haha! 🙂


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