Tom Ford

Whats your scent?

We all have that perfume that we reach for every morning, that scent that makes us feel our best, that resembles exactly who we are and

the one that constantly has people asking what you wearing.

For me that is Tom Ford. I am a huge fan of his work full stop. particularly his fragrances. So much so that I have brought all three of his womens fragrances – Black Orchid, Voile de Fleur and White Patchouli. The bottles are all so gorgeous and the smells all very unique.

The one that is my favourite by far, and was the first one I purchased is the Black Orchid.

I’m no perfume expert in describing scents, but found this description on a blog (Scents of Self) I was reading and think it’s pretty accurate:

“Black Orchid is not the shy, retiring wallflower in the corner, nor is she the loud, drunken chick dancing on the table. She is probably sitting by the fireplace, immaculately clothed in a fitted black dress, laughing with the group of men already under her spell.”

The others are also very different and beautiful but can sometimes be a bit over-powering.

Another thing that just makes me love the brand that much more is that Tom Ford himself models for his ad campaigns, and he is not too bad either 🙂

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