Festive Hotlist: My Summer Essentials

I know it’s soon to be throwing the word ‘festive’ around, but I am a sucker for this time of year – the weather combined with the festive spirit sucks me right in – well not this weather, but the ever-looming summer! It’s also a very exciting time in the beauty industry (and retail generally, I guess) as there are so many exciting launches and so many beautiful limited edition products that would make the perfect gifts.

This is a little series I am going to be doing in the countdown to Christmas and summer holidays – I will cover everything from summer/beach essentials and then, closer to the time, will touch on nice gift ideas and exciting launches for Christmas.

Here are some beautiful new products that are getting me in the mood for summer: longer days, being able to get out of bed with a tad more ease, the beach, mountain runs and summer dinner parties under the stars.

Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defence Spf 50 – R470

I’ve mentioned this before (here) but I can honestly say that this is one of the best facial suncreams I have found – I’ve been a lifelong fan of Institut Esthederm (and still am), but it’s not available in South Africa and costs a small fortune. The Super Fluid UV Defence from Kiehl’s is the closest I’ve found to rivalling this. The fluid is perfectly light and it applies beautifully to the skin – no zinc-filled white sheen and no oily slick that feels as if it’s blocking your pores. The factor is super-high, yet this product literally feels like I am applying my usual facial moisturiser. It’s very uni-sex too, so highly recommended for the whole family – a teensy bit goes a long way too. I wore this up Lions Head on Braai Day and my face was perfectly protected while my arms and shoulders got a bit roasted!

Lancôme Teint Vissionaire – R595

It may be weird me mentioning a foundation as you all know I am a die-hard tinted moisturiser fan, but this is great for evenings and nights-out. The product is a dual product – being a foundation in the bottle and a corrector in the lid (with a handy mirror too). The reason I loved this so much, and know it will be my go-to product this summer, is that the foundation fluid is perfectly light and smooth and blends beautifully into the skin looking very unnoticeable (unlike some cakey, thick foundations). The great plus is that the corrector is the exact match colour-wise (which is usually quite a tricky thing to find). The corrector is great coverage wise so for those days when your dark circles are looking shocking, or when you wake up with that blaringly bad red blind pimple – then you have your corrector to add that extra coverage you may want.

Kiehl’s Crème de Corps – R225 for 125ml, R345 for 250ml and R590 for 500ml pump

Yes, I will harp on about this product forever. I have been buying this for years (way before I started this blog) and will continue to do so. It is luxurious and does the job. Plus the scent is super-mild so doesn’t clash with any perfumes. I just love the way this moisturiser makes my skin look – perfect for summer when you will be baring all. No excuses for snake-skin legs or bumpy arms! My skin always appears radiant and glowing so a great product to use for a night out on your arms and chest.

YSL Vernis a Levres Lipstick – R375

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard/read all the rave reviews about these beautiful lip colours from YSL! I ended up trying some of my friends’ once which I feel in love with! I was then sent one of my own which I was really excited about. They have the strangest texture as they apply really ‘wet’ to the lips but end up drying a beautiful matte rich colour. Nothing too drying though, which I loved – your lips still feel plump and hydrated – it just feels as if the colour is solid and not going to budge which is great. The colour selection here is also stunning plus how could you ever beat this packaging!?

O de Lancôme fragrance Azur – R725

If ever there were a scent that encapsulates summer, it is this. It’s light, citrusy and has a touch of floral. It’s an easy-wearing scent and something I can picture myself wearing after a long-day on the beach when I’ve had a bit of sun. It’s not too over-powering but so classy and beautiful.

The scent is described as, “a luminous, fresh floral-fruity fragrance composed of elegant, spicy aromas of pink pepper on a gentle base of warm, woody notes and musk.

Lancôme Hypnose Baby Doll Mascara – R315

I don’t need to say too much here as you all know Lancôme pretty much own the mascara space. I am really enjoying this mascara – I have used a few from various other brands which I don’t by any means feel are inferior to this one, some are definitely on a par.

This is great – it coats the lashes incredibly (probably one of the best) and maintain the lashes curl. Perfect for a fresh, radiant summer look. The idea behind this mascara was with Betty Boop and the face of Lancome, Daria Werbowy. Loved this cute little short film/clip they made to introduce the concept, so cute!

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  1. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    I've been a fan of Lancome mascara forever – really great product! I agree that Lancome A'Zur is a lovely summer scent, I really do like these tonic type of scents for summer, as oppose my normal floral scents that might be too heavy. I can't wait for Kiehls to come to cape town! 🙂

  2. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Wow the foundation/corrector is right up my street. It's going straight on to my wishlist. I really look forward to the rest of the series. Love your posts xxx


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