Dove’s All-New Nourishing Body Lotions

Dove spoilt me with an awesome media pack the other day. It was literally a pass-the-parcel like box wrapped in layers of paper that each had a message about  what the brand ultimately sets out to do: nourishing each layer of the skin, working from the surface layer deep down, giving your skin 10 days of nourishment.

This brand new Deep Care Complex that allows for this cream to work on a much deeper level on our skins is available in their latest body lotions range that I got sent.

The lotions are super-hydrating and allow for the skin to remain hydrated for a longer period of time as they work on a deeper level that usual. They come in three variants:

  • Indulgent Nourishment with Shea Butter (the brown label)
  • Intensive Nourishment for extra dry skin (pink label)
  • Essential Nourishment (blue label)

 I actually really enjoyed using all of these for different reasons. The Indulgent Nourishment with Shea Butter was great for evening use on a night in as it smells heavenly, however, probably too strong to wear with perfume as it is quite an overpowering scent but great for those who love body lotions like those from The Body Shop.  The Intensive Nourishment for extra dry skin was also great in the evenings – I used both of these over the last week every night and woke up with silky and soft skin – more so than I am used to with my usual lotions so a real notable difference. The, lastly, the Essential Nourishment was great for day-to-day use as it is quite a bit lighter (even though the other two are by no means ‘too heavy’). This one was great pre-exercise as I often find heavier creams don’t sink in and leave me feeling like an oil-slick when I start sweating. This one would be my choice for summer.

A few images from the activation that launched this range.

The whole drive is to use these lotions for 10 days to see a notable difference which I can vouch for. 

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