My skin, hair and nail diet

First things first, I by no means have this whole diet/skin thing spot on at all as I do eat and drink a lot of the bad things, but I try and compensate by doing the right things as often as I can. I also sometimes have my off weeks, which I can really see on my skin, and as soon as I revert to eating all of the right things and treating my skin properly the results are very evident. I’m no dietician so you all know a general healthy eating plan will do wonders, but the below are specifics that have a great effect on my skin:

Water + lemon

This is an obvious one and you all know about it. I am pretty shocking when it does come to my water intake, but I force at least 1.5 litres a day. I also start my day with hot water and lemon. I have only been doing this for about 6 months but swear by it – it cleanses out your system and helps with digestion – all resulting in a clearer complexion. 


I love my fruit, but try keeping it fairly limited as it is packed with sugar. I generally will have an apple a day as well as berries (a fresh smoothie if I can too). In winter months I load up on Grapefruit and Oranges too. As I am about to hit ‘publish’ on this post I am eating a full bowl of grapefruit (see below).


I really don’t like nuts. Like I can never understand you ladies who can buy a whole bag from Woolies. Urgh. I do, however, eat a handful of almonds most days. They are packed with vitamin E which is a great sun protector. I also love my seed mix which I made myself. I sprinkle this on my lunch and dinner every day. My mix consists of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, linseed and aniseed. Go to Wellness Warehouse or most big grocery stores – I then store them in easy-to-pour glass jars.


I generally exercise 4 times a week and got into the bad habit of going straight from work which meant still wearing make-up. Sweating with make-up will lead to an overload in pimples – you have been warned. Even if it is packing simple face wipes for a temporary removal, do it. Trust me on this one.

Omega 3, 6 + 9

We all know how fantastic these fatty acids are for your skin and if, like me, you are unsure if you are getting enough of all of these then take a supplement. I take one daily and it really does help with my hydration, glow and overall skin appearance (on my body and face). I also eat a lot of fish which helps too. Chia Seeds – all the craze! I am a Wellness Warehouse addict – that shop makes me feel calm and healthy even walking down the aisles. On my shop there last week I saw Chia seeds (which I have heard so much about).

Chia is gluten free and extremely high in fibre so great for digestions. It contains 20% Omega 3 ALA, making it a super food for the brain and heart. Chia has eight times more Omega 3 than salmon. It has 20% protein and is a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids. It contains more anti-oxidants than blueberries, more calcium that milk, 7x more vitamin C than oranges, 3x more iron that spinach, 2x more potassium than bananas. It’s great for hair, skin and nails and great for diabetics. It doesn’t taste of anything really, but if I had to compare it would be soil (urgh). Add it to warm water and the seeds more a weird gel – I normally have one tablespoon in my smoothie and sprinkle on as much of my food as I can.


Where and when I can I incorporate avo. As you know, there is often avo in many hydrating and soothing skin care products so is great when applied topically and also when ingested. It helps with inflammation and calming of the skin – with the main benefit being hydration. 

I have no idea if this is helpful or not but give it a try as I really do see a difference in my skin, hair and nails when I adhere to this (given that I still drink alcohol which is the worst possible thing for my skin!).

What can you recommend that works for you?

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  1. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Awesome post…thanks for sharing 🙂 Try incorporate Fat-free or low-fat plain yoghurt into your diet because yoghurt is known to Prevent Wrinkles. The protein you get from eating dairy helps skin become firmer. I eat plain yoghurt everyday, if not for breakfast, then at lunch time. Hope you like my skin tip 😉 Much love xxx

  2. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Hi Bridget, I use the Natrodale Omega 3, 6 & 9 supplement. It's from Wellness Warehouse and most pharmacies and very affordable:

  3. Tessa
    Tessa says:

    I am obsessed with coconut oil! (I heard it's really good for sunburn too?) My favourite is using it to roast sweet potatoes or melting it – then adding cocoa and honey and popping it in the freezer for a "chocolatey" treat.

  4. The Bhah Queen
    The Bhah Queen says:

    I have tried lemon + water.. Dint work much 🙁 I absolutely hate nuts !!!

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  5. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Hi Suhani, the above-mentioned will all help but best to pop into your pharmacy and get a hair and nail supplement. They very affordable and will give you all the vitamins you need


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