By Terry Peace and Glow &Chantecaille Jasmine and Lilly Healing Mask

Sun-kissed and crusty!

I returned from Thailand feeling bronzed, healthy and amazingly relaxed, that was until I looked in the mirror (hotels in Thailand don’t seem to know what this is…) to see that my skin had aged about 30 years.

I stupidly decided to tan my face. Why not when you going to be in the sun constantly for a month? Yes I know it makes you age and it’s got all sorts of shocking repercussions but I don’t regret it, not even one bit. It has meant no make-up needed which has been fantastic.

My skin was screaming out for some TLC though and both the above products do just that.

By Terry’s Peace and Glow is one of those amazingly useful products, with packaging that makes it easy to pop in your handbag and top up when needed. The tube is filled with an incredibly rich, vitamin packed serum that goes a long way. For application a silver roller ball massages your skin as you pump out the serum simultaneously. A girly gimmick that makes me feel pampered. The texture is quite a strange one, being very non-oily. It takes getting used to, but because of this the skin is left looking healthy, yet very matte. Great for a pre-make-up primer.

This mask could easily be listed in my top 10 products. Again, a little goes a long way and it certainly does as it promises. I use this as my night treatment rather than a 20 minute wash-off mask. Generally any hydrating mask (gel or cream) can multi-task as a night treatment. After cleansing and exfoliating apply a paper-thin layer of this all over the skin (avoiding eye area as it results in puffiness.) This can be left on over night and cleansed off in the morning – allowing the skin to absorb as much as possible – leaving it plump and anti-aged, as we like it!

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