Estee Lauder launch online store in SA

I got treated by the ladies at Estee Lauder a few weeks back – they invited me to spend a voucher on their brand-spanking-new online store. Can you imagine the excitement!?

I think Estee Lauder is one of those brands that we all have firm favourites from – ones that we don’t need to go in-store and try out each time but rather ones that we now know so well – thus buying online only seems obvious. I went for some old favourites as well as some others that had been highly rated that I wanted to try. I opted for the below: Sumptuous Extreme Mascara – THE best mascara EVER, and the only one I will always recommend.  Hydra Complete Gel Mask – sleeping with this on twice a week and it truly is divine. It sinks in well and dries quickly which is great for popping on 5 minutes before bedtime. It smells great too. If you battle with dry patches during the winter months I would highly recommend this.  Advanced Night Repair Serum – this doesn;t need much of an intro. It’s definiitely one of their best sellers and is worth every bit of the hype. Promise!  Bronze Goddess Soft Duo Bronzer – this was a new one for me and chose it because I had heard rave reviews. It really is the best of the best when it comes to bronzers. It does cost R525 so one would hope so! It really is beautiful, applies really well and gives a lovely colour.

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When ordering any of the above it is really simple to select what you are after as well as select the colour options it comes in – it then goes straight into your basket which you can have a look at before checking out. Within a week my delivery arrived (in the prettiest gold Estee box that I will definitely hold onto) and I was treated to some free samples to try; a really nice way of getting to know other products you may have not tried before. Because I had spent over R750 I got a little toiletry bag with the free samples to try which are also very handy for weekends away! I just think this concept is so handy and something us South Africans should start making more and more use of – you won’t believe the convenience of it! Plus, anything from Estee Lauder will pretty much blow you away and you’ll become a regular before you know it.

Thanks for the spoils, Ladies!

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