My QMS Collagen Facial

I made a little resolution when moving into my new house, and that was to give my skin every little bit of TLC it may need. I am fanatical about my skin and looking after it at the best of times, but wanted to get back into a good routine – and my QMS Collagen facial was the perfect kick-start for this!

For all my readers, you will know how much I love the QMS brand. I am quite clinical when it comes to my routine – I like to really feel something working on my skin, and I like to see results – who doesn’t?

On Friday I booked my facial with Anel and was told my skin was superficially dehydrated (as expected after a big move). I can’t quite find words to describe how my skin felt after the facial was done, and in the days that have followed. Smooth, radiant, hydrated and minus any fine-lines – amazing turn around! So much so that I have been so particular about my QMS routine since (even keeping all my products in the fridge 🙂 !)

The Algae mask is always the highlight of the treatment for me (a plasticising mask that solidifies on application). It helps with penetration of the products into the skin, soothes, calms and hydrates. It also acts as a way of highlighting the skins problematic areas by forming a carbon copy of your actual face where you are able to pin-point any focus areas.

I am so excited to be back into the swing of things and seeing my skin improving daily because of it. I actually look forward to applying each product and feeling it work into my skin. I will be sure to keep you in the loop and fill you in on any changes. There is also a case study that I want to share with you in another post which really proves everything that QMS is capable of, so watch this space.

The Classic Set I am using (as well as the cleanser and 24 hr moisturiser)

For more information on QMS, see here

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