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This weekend was quite something for me, from a special friend’s wedding on Saturday (tears of course), to Ben’s rugby dance (huge celebrations) and finally to find out that my offer had been accepted for my first property *gulp*.

Seriously nerve wrecking stuff, but at the same time all very exciting. I am only going to be taking occupancy in February next year, so until then I have a feeling Kiss, Blush and Tell might have quite a few home décor ideas/posts – and please (for those who are clued up in this field) share yours with me, I am a first-timer here and feeling pretty overwhelmed at what lies ahead.

I definitely plan on doing a series of posts of before and after, although my plans at the moment focus on more affordable renovations like feature walls, and pretty fabrics rather than bashing down walls et al. Either way I can’t wait to make a place mine and not feel guilty when hammering into a wall! 🙂 I have been collecting odds and ends through-out this year that I know will fit in perfectly, and am now keen on getting a dining table with benches made up. I want the wood to be really chunky and aged, so if you know of anyone in the Cape Town area that specialises in doing this or have any tips in general, please let me know.

Below are ideas of what I like:

Image source here, here, here, here, here and here

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  1. Lizanne
    Lizanne says:

    i also loooove the rustic table idea… hopefully when we have our house, I will be able to do my country/rustic style decor!

  2. Bianca
    Bianca says:

    A very exciting time for you, you'll get to Feb before you know it!

    If you are looking for wood furniture, frames etc with a rustic feel I'd recommend doing a little drive through Victoria Road and Albert Road in Woodstock (Lower and Upper Main road). I used to live in the area and regularly drove past a tons of benches and tables etc. There are one of 2 very close to the biscuit mill and I think there is also one on Church Street which is a one way that goes from Albert Road to Victoria Road. Take a friend if you don't feel 100% sure about the area as it is still a little beaten down but having been to many of the little stores in Woodstock myself I've mainly found people to be friendly and so I've felt quite safe.

    In addition to furniture you will also find lots of old shutters and doors which might in fact suit you as well as I saw you mentioned this in a previous post.

    If you need any advice on other budget friendly goodies give me a shout 🙂 My dad's been fixing up homes for 30 years and he's kindly shared all the hidden gems with me to which I've added a few of my own. My biggest tip for now, don't go to Builder's Warehouse unless you have to. There are much cheaper places to try first particularly for things like paint 🙂

    Best of luck in home planning!

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Ah Bianca, you are so kind. What a help – thank you. I will be firing questions at you – so be warned. I have heard Victoria Road is great, so definitely going to try that. hate the whole beachy furniture looks, just want authentic worn good quality wood – I will defin8itely be asking you for advice as I know you have gone through all of this, Thank lovely xxx

  4. Kim @ In a State of Luxe
    Kim @ In a State of Luxe says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I see you like rustic chic! I"ll keep my eyes peeled whilst I am on my rounds…

  5. Kathryn (Becoming you)
    Kathryn (Becoming you) says:

    hey tori – love your style. so lucky to have this opportunity to decorate!! just thought i would mention something about having benches for seating…. in my experience benches look great but if you plan on having more than 4 people sitting at the table they become quite difficult for people to get in and out of! anyway just some food for thought. i also love the look of them and chairs are so expensive!!


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