Things I love…

There is loads of inspiration that I plan on sharing with you all – from beauty products (some of which I have shared) to little things in my home. Here are a few things I love…

My Phrenology vase with my pretty dahlias in it. I love these flowers and they are only around at this time of year. These are in my bathroom at home, so pretty and lighten up the entire room.

My friend, Jana, has just got a little pup – Molly. I could honestly eat her. She is precious and has the best little personality. I nearly cried when I met her, I can’t tell you how I yearn for the day when I live a life that warrants getting a pup (flexi hours, a big garden and a full time maid) – until then I will babysit Molly.

Estee Lauders new nail colours. I went for a mani and pedi last year at Suntra Spa in Orange street. I wanted to post about this but to be quite frank it was a shoddy manicure and pedicure. I could have done way better at home. I was so disappointed. But Estee Lauder sent me the polishes and I tried them out at home. They are INCREDIBLE. Stunning colours and such great quality. Yay. Also slightly obsessed with their Sun Goddess body sun cream – this is real indulgence.

New slops. I got these at Haviannas the other day. How cool (and oh so Jersey Shore)! Also adore this suncream from Estee Lauder – ah-mazing!

Rose en Bos perfumes. I am loving these little perfumes I was sent. They are made in South Africa (which I loved the idea of) and are very quirky, unique perfumes. When the owner, Emily, originally mailed me she asked what sort of perfumes are my favourite and I replied Diptyque’s and Tom Fords, which was similar to Rose en Bos (specifically Diptyque). The perfumery is in the Western Cape where everything is hand-blended in small batches using top quality ingredients. All the inspiration behind the scents is from our very own countryside which is so special. My favourite was definitely XXX.

You can buy them on Etsy here. And see their site here.

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