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As of tomorrow I have the new keys to my home and a whole new journey begins. One that will incorporate many-a-trip to Builder Warehouse, I’m sure!

Firstly I am on the lookout for an out-of-this-world handyman. The men in my life are all looking pretty dismal when it comes to any of the DIY things that I am needing done – do any of you have someone who can do anything from shelving to lighting?

On that topic – I have also been trying to decide what sort of lighting I want to go for above my dining table. I always think it makes for a more intimate eve when the lighting is interesting and perfect at a dining table. Keeping in mind that my entertainment area (lounge, kitchen and dining area) is all in one and not massive, I thought it could be a nice touch to have some interesting lamps suspended a little lower around the table area.

I have been tossing up the options and my top three seem to all be very industrial (unlike me, but anyhoo), I am yet to make a decision. 

Anyone got any recommendations or decor input?

Idea 1: Tear-drop globes

Idea 2: The wired lampshade

Idea 3: The Industrial lamp

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  1. Lize Kay
    Lize Kay says:

    I love all of these except the wire lamps. Never enjoyed that.

    Try The Pink Handyman. He's lovely, and very well priced!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey you….this is what we do! Our company is Summer House (home improvement and maintenance), check out the website and give me a shout if you need the smallest thing done or a larger project quoted on 😉 Good luck now!
    Ingrid Summers

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Hi lize – ya agree, that is the one I am most iffy about, except saw them in O.Live and they looked amazing…

    Thanks Ingrid – thats great to know. You sound like a real pro so will def keep this in mind xxx

  4. Skinny Bitches in the Making
    Skinny Bitches in the Making says:

    those industrial lamps are to die for!
    congratz on your house!
    cannot wait till the day I have my own to decorate and paint. nothing worse than having cream walls because your lease says you can't paint.

  5. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    @SBITM – ah agree, was so sick of that. Looking forward to experimenting 🙂

    @Emma-Jane – Ya they beautiful, aren't they!


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