80’s is back with Virgin Active

I was really excited to learn that Virgin Active, my favourite gym (and a place I should learn to hang out at a lot more), is starting a new gym class, and the best part is the theme is 80’s! Think legwarmers, lycra and 80’s hits!

I love doing classes – a way to keep me at the gym for a set amount of time, and a way to keep me entertained for a full hour – trust me that is not easy.

The classes are going to be bringing back the 80’s, in full swing! An era that is making a big appearance in regards to make-up trends at the moment. The all-new Retro Aerobics class will be launching in October – something I will be informing you about over the next few weeks – making sure we all end up getting into shape with some of our favourite 80’s hits like “I think we alone now.”

While we chat about these classes on Kiss, Blush and Tell, I thought it would be the perfect chance to share a few make-up trends that are back in full force and originate from the 80’s, as well as a little tip on each:

Bold lips is definitely the big thing this season. I am loving corals and fresh pinks, and keep my reds more matte and for the evenings (see below)

Bright nails! I am loving these and opted for my first non-wintery colour this week (see below) – the brighter, more bold, more eccentric – the better!
Haute as Hello – Essie
More bright nails – 80’s style

Check out their Facebook page here.

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