Smashbox BB for the Eyes and my thoughts

To be honest, I saw this product and thought, what next? But then again I saw BB creams and thought that exact thing and now wear one! The same thing seems to be happening with this product.

You guys, this is a concealer on another level. I have always been a die-hard Bobbi Brown concealer and corrector fan and, while they are good, they don’t sit well on the skin in my opinion and come midday you look worse for wear and rather shiny! This, on the other hand, is completely the opposite in every way so I am going to go straight on into pro’s and con’s. If you want to read the actual product details, you can go to their site here.


Coverage– it conceals brilliantly; so much so that my boyfriend actually watched me apply this and proceeded to tell me that it’s ‘misleading wearing make-up like that as it makes people think I don’t have bags under my eyes’. No words.

Applicator– it comes with a small brush applicator (as pictured below). I NEVER use this as an actual applicator as I can assure you right now that the piddly brushes that this and other concealers come with is not going to leave your concealer looking flawless. However, that is not their purpose. These applicators are great in assuring you use minimal product and can dab it onto the skin in the right places and use your concealer brush to blend it in. I use the Real Techniques Setting brush – possible one of THE most handy brushes around (order yours here – it’s 6 quid and will make your life a lot easier).

Longevity– it lasts brilliantly. This is probably to do with the fact that the consistency is more dry and less dewy than other formulas I have used but this means great longevity and great staying-power. It does not budge nor crease. This is my best part about the product. I do mention this as a con below as it could be seen like this, but there are ways of getting around this (if you have a proper skincare routine). Oh and there is an spf of 15 – bonus!

Shade– I use the light/medium shade and there is no hint of pink undertones in it which I love. The shade blends perfectly and still looks light, so nothing too thick and heavy. It also keeps the skin glowing.


Slightly drier formula – I am using this as a con, however, it should not be seen as that but is something I initially thought was negative about the product and now actually see why the formula is like this. It is drier than other products I have used but this means it lasts well, doesn’t budge and makes the for the perfect eye shadow primer. It can highlight dry skin, however, so using a good eye cream and treating this skin correctly will prevent this from happening.

Shade options: Fair, Light, Light/Medium. Medium, Dark

Price: R295

Stockists: Selected Edgars, Red Square, Foschini and Woolworths available February 2014

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