Erase those fine lines

That’s the name of the product. How amazing? 

Model Co. always seems to amaze me. It’s not often that you get an ultra girly looking product that performs just as well as it looks!

Erase Those Fine Lines is botox in a tube, quite literally. The ingredients do just that, except obviously not penetrating the skin in any way, so no damage done. The effect of this product is quite amazing, with virtually instantly smoother looking skin. I don’t have wrinkles at my age, well I hope not, but with my dry, winter skin I do suffer from dehydration lines which ultimately are going to lead to wrinkles. Sigh. But my skin has been made to look brighter and smoother since using this!

Ive been using Model Co’s Erase Those Fine Lines pre-moisturiser on squeaky clean skin and the results have been amazing, especially on my forehead and eye area. Logically, the results aren’t long-lasting, but like any other anti-aging product on the market, it works as long as you keep using it 🙂 

The application of this product is really high tech and one that allows for the product to be applied directly to the fine lines, without wasting anything – a really clever concept. 

I think it is a great product when you feeling a bit drab and need that pick-me-up on your skin between a long day at work and an exciting date. I used mine under my make-up on a night out and my skin looked very healthy – kind of like that summer holiday glow 🙂

Lots of great products coming from this range at the moment, watch this space for reviews on some amazing tanning product too. Just in time for summer!

RRP: R480

Stockists: selected Red Square and Edgars stores

Website: here

Facebook fan page: here

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