A Minx’d Diva

The much anticipated moment arrived, and I was off to the super-glam Dante Spa in Sea Point to get my nails Minxed.

I have heard so much about this new nail application, so could not have been more excited to give it a go. I had been told to arrive with bare nails (no nail varnish), but gel, acrylic and silk nails are also the perfect surface for the application to begin.

Minx is a solid nail coating that is available in metallics, prints, graphics, and can be customized with any colour, design or photo you want (think dear old Katy Perry with Russell on her nails!). Minx is a professional product applied by a nail technician through a process using heat and pressure, and requires no drying time – my best part.

Nicole, my nail technician, laid out a selection of prints and patterns for me to choose from. Apparently the selection is endless, and specific requests can be made and ordered in according to your preference. 

Being the way I am I requested the “plain colours please” and opted for the gold – thought I should be a bit daring, you know!? After shaping and cuticles were done, the Minx nails were heated under a lamp which activated the adhesive. The nails are then measured to fit perfectly, and applied.

Yes, as simple as that, and ta da – you turn into a glam diva within seconds. They certainly do get you nail-attention and make you feel like a rock star – literally. 

I am a fan, dying to try their other patterns too 🙂


To make an appointment at Dante Spa call: 021 434 1011

The application takes 1 hour and will cost you R235 Follow them on Twitter here

Image source and my own

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