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A few readers have been interested in finding out where the place to go for the best hair-do/extensions/highlights or colour is in Cape Town.

I get this question quite often, and to be quite frank, I have never put colour in my hair in my life (bar when I was 15 at the Kokstad tennis tournament and trying to be cool). My hair is seriously low maintenance. I have my ghd, but styling is something I do very seldom – I prefer a light curl. Products are where I go mad and can advise, but unfortunately not on colour.

So I thought best to ask my readers, Tweeters, friends and Facebookers, and the feedback really has been great – so thank you to everyone 🙂 I obviously didnt include all the feedback, but rather the salons that got a few votes. Here it goes:

  • Shelene at Tanaz Hair and Body for general amazing-ness (details here)
  • Scar Hair on Kloof – Andrew is great and so are their extensions (details here)
  • Huey Tilley and Shanti at LOVE salon – great for extensions and lots of votes (details here)
  • Andret at Mooi Hair salon – great for colour and highlight and she really did rake in the votes 🙂 (details here)
  • Hair in Kloof Nek – both Lameese and Theo are great for a cut and colour (details here)
  • Olivia Adonis at Peter The Haircutter in Gardens – also heard great things (call 083 7263356)
  • RETO salon in Westlake – both Reto and Alisa are great (details here)
  • Marisa at Pink23 – amazing for highlights (021 461 1067)
    • Michelle at Spoilt in Greenpoint (details here)

    Meg, a dear friend and a loyal K,B&T readers, is off to get her hair restyled on Saturday. She sent in some awesome photos of inspiration too. What style do you prefer? My vote is the middle back ad white one…

    If you have another salon that you want to tell us about, please leave a comment below. Thank you for all the great feedback 🙂

    Image source here, hereand here

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    1. Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      The fringe is a great change(like a holiday)but a tricky one too! Tell your friend to get her hair dresser to cut the fringe longer first- and from there then go shorter 🙂 its a shock to the system if its too short lol.
      Good luck
      Tanya xx


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