Top 5: from Janet

I love getting contributions from my readers – I really enjoy 4reading what other people use, and it has already resulted in come impulse beauty buys!

Todays Top 5 is from Janet who wrote to me saying ” From a +50 lady who loves to read you blog, my 5 skin essentials are…” Thanks so much for this Janet – lovely to have your selection on Kiss, Blush and Tell today.

1.) and 2.) Environ Cquence 4 and Environ Creme – I like these two mixed together. Women of my age have to be extra careful treating their skin. Applying these helps me keep the balance and avoid drying out while nourishing below the skins surface. 3.) Mrs Palmers Coco butter formula – An essential body moisturiser. Brilliantly priced, divine smell, and great for skin. 4.) Eulactol heel balm – I’m not a fan of cracked heels, so a tiny amount every day keeps one’s feet soft and supple added benefit for the hands too. 5.) Nivea wipes – An essential for one’s handbag. Whether to remove make-up or just clean hands, these wipes prove to be very useful for all sorts of different occasions.

If you would liek to submit your Top Five please contact me here.

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