Kiss, Blush and Tell: Giveaway Time!

Finally it is here. 

The giveaway that would make any girl drool!

With it being that time of year when we are all eating too much, exercising too little and just feeling a bit drab really – an indulgent giveaway is definitely due. A little way for me to say a big thank you to my readers too, just before my birthday 🙂

So it has been hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I am giving this all away when I could be selfish and keep it for myself, but here it goes either way. Whoever the lucky winner is – I want to hear every detail!

The first indulgent treat is from the amazing group buying company, Groupon. If you haven’t signed up already then get on with it ASAP! There deals are amazing and make those indulgent treats that much more affordable. This deal is a 75 minute detox treatment for two! It involves  a breathing ritual, facial cleanse and exfoliation, full body exfoliation, aquariva sauna session, steam room session, rhassoul chamber with detox mud, sensation shower session and a full body moisturise, all finished off with a relaxing foot massage on a water bed. Valued at R1025 from Ambiente Day Spa.

The second treat is from every girls best nail brand, Essie. This is a box of your favourite treats from Essie for your own use at home valued at R450. The box includes two beautiful nail colours, moisturizing cuticle oil, a three in one nail glaze used as a top cat, base coat and strengthener as well as toe nail separators.

My favourite hair brand and I’m sure many ladies best is ghd. This hamper is too amazing for words – seriously. It includes everything from styling brushes, an indulgent hair treatment mask, styling products, sure to make your hair look drop-dead gorgeous – all to the value of R1300! This alone would be just the best prize ever, don’t you think! 

Unfortunately you don’t get all of these, but a few could be yours, plus a whole lot more 🙂

I came across the gorgeous Mannabay fine boutique hotel (check their site out)which is a 5 star hotel and I fell in love! 

Who wouldn’t?? They are giving the winner a night’s stay for two in one of their incredibly luxurious rooms. (This needs to be used before the end of July 2011 and is subject to availability. Booking is essential). The rooms go for up to R4000 a night, serious indulgence! 

Then, as promised, I will be giving away the ever-so-popular Kiwi Smiling feet hampers. If you had read my previous post on these little miracle-workers then you will be jumping around ecstatically and if not then read it here. And to make you even happier I have 10 of these to giveaway so your chances are even better. In your goodie bag you will be getting all 7 different gel cushions to pop in your best killer heels, valued at R175 each. 

Seven different types in the goodie bag 🙂

Last and certainly not least, for all those caffeine addicts, I will be giving away 6 jars of 200g Douwe Egberts Pure Gold coffee! As part of their new winter campaign, this certainly will be helping you upgrade you day! Valued at R540!

6 of these!!!

All valued at R5540!

To enter this competition you need to “like” my Kiss, Blush and Tell Facebook page (find in top right corner of blog or click here) and leave your name in the comments box below. The winner will be contacted via Facebook (otherwise leave e-mail address below if you do not have Facebook account).

Please tell me in the comments bar what you would do with this prize and why you deserve it! 

Double entries are given for people who post competition link on their Facebook page or Twitter account – let me know about this by writing on Kiss, Blush and Tell’s Facebook wall with the relevant link 🙂. Entrants who have not “liked” the Facebook page will not be put into the draw.

Winner will be announced on 28 June

Good Luck!

 Images do not represent what the prize is, however are an example. Image source here

80 replies
  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I should win because I got here first 🙂 Finders keepers en al daai goed. If I win ill take my mom with me and donate R500 to KBT charity of choice. carlien x

  2. Katey Foaden
    Katey Foaden says:

    OH MY!!! This really is too good to be true. I am in absolute desperate need for some girly pampering…my hands, feet, hair and SOUL will thank you 🙂

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I would indulge in this prize with a really good friend! Having recently become single (as of Tuesday) I definitely deserve the pleasure of these gifts as all this sadness needs some cheering up! This is the most beautiful blog I have ever seen, really lightened up my day!

    Amy x

  4. Nikita Buxton
    Nikita Buxton says:

    Pick ME 🙂 This prize is amazing, I could really do with winning this! New in the working world and missing my home and family in Durbs so this would really make me smile 🙂 x

  5. Kelly@meandb
    Kelly@meandb says:

    I deserve a get away at Mannabay with my BF cause the long distance thing is a huge pain in the ass…

    I deserve the essie nail kit cause I have bruised unappealing snaggle toe from running club…

    I deserve the ghd hamper cause i never feel confident enough to wear my hair down…

    I deserve the day at Ambiente Day Spa cause wow all this complaining is stressful…

    and lastly, i deserve the kiwi smiling feet hamper cause I am a 6ft1 bohemoth female untrained in the art of high heels and in need of some how softening the blow…

  6. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    The above hampers are just too amazing for words!! I would also be hesitant to give them away, so thank you for the slight chance of winning it!

    I would either take my mum or a good friend and we would absolutely LOVE it all!!
    I have liked it and posted the link on my face book wall.

    Victoria- Happy Birthday, the fact you're giving this away means you deserve it too, hope you will be spoilt!!

    Tanya Slye x

  7. Megan B
    Megan B says:

    EEEEEEEK!!!! What a spoil! This is every girl's dream, and mine especially 🙂 My mum has been away for 2 months so I would definitely share this with her and have some mother daughter bonding time which I hardly ever get to do! Holding all thumbs and toes!!

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    If there was a day I couldn’t read your blog, I would be very sad
    Because everyday your little posts make me so very glad
    Your passion is so evident in all the tips that you share
    Insightful and personal posts, show how you really care.
    From gorgeous pics & fashion advice
    These giveways you’re offering are so very nice!
    Essie is my favourite, shiny nails are divine!
    Oh how I wish one of these prizes could be mine!
    A day at the spa would be so appreciated by me
    Ghd goodies would make me jump up and down with glee!
    Tor, thanks for being so generous, a wonderful lady you are
    Always styling and smiling in your cute mini car!
    Keep up the blogging and delightful posts everyday
    If you pick me to win, you’ll really make my day!

    Love Lou Kegel

  9. Kirsten L
    Kirsten L says:

    Wow! This is AMAZING! I don't know if I deserve this any more than the other girls, but this would be exactly what I need after a stressful few months 🙂 I would love to share this with my amazing bf!

  10. Ayesha
    Ayesha says:

    OMW, what more could a girl want? This prize is like dying and going to girly heaven. Pick me Pick me Pick me!!!

  11. Rebecca Dodd
    Rebecca Dodd says:

    I'd take my BFF with me to the Mannabar getaway and we'd have a serious pyjama party! With manicures, hair masks and all! What a treat 🙂

  12. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thank You!! What a great Competition!!!

    Firstly: I would take my mom to the Ambiente Day Spa. She has never been to a spa in her life.. and neither have I. I think every woman should have at least one's in their lives experience something like that. She deserves to be pampered!

    Secondly: Essie & GHD will have to shared with my 2 sisters. We love looking Fabulous and always borrow each other's make-up or hair stuff. We dont mind sharing! 🙂 A great way so spoil them for a change!

    Thirdly: My new husband and I would definitely take advantage of the MannaBay. Oh.. what a beautiful place to share it with such a great man. We need the quality time and this would be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!

    Fourth: The Smiling Feet Hamper should definitely go to my mom-in-law. She works 6 sometimes 7 days a week. She runs a coffee shop on her own. not a day goes by where she does not have aching feet. To be over 50 and on your feet all day takes some doing. She would love this!

    Fifth: The Douw Egberts will have to be center of my Ladies Book Club I would like to start. What a great way to get us all together. Good quality coffee, great books and good conversation. Just what the Doctor ordered!

    Such a FABULOUS PRIZE must be shared with your loved ones. Hopefully I get to share this with them!!!

    Ronelle Trimble

  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Such an awesome prize! Good luck to everyone, I'm sure this prize will be treasured, I know I'd treasure it 🙂

    Avril Muller

  14. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    what fantastic prizes……would feel so spoilt and pampered with any of these prizes and would defintely share it with a loved one

    Cathy Badenhorst

  15. Megan Kenney
    Megan Kenney says:

    What an absolutely amazing prize! Have 'liked' your fbk page :)I would love to win this prize because I need some pampering and indulgence in my life at the moment…

    First of all, I have serious winter blues! I am totally not a winter person, and need something to cheer me up so a day at the spa would definitely work and something to keep me busy on a rainy night while cooped up in my flat like painting my nails would be spectacular!

    Secondly, I have recently started a new job and had such major hassles from my last employer with not paying us our salaries due to their closing down, my poor boyfriend has had to foot all of my spending! So definitely a luxurious night away at Manna Bay will be a perfect 'payment' for him 🙂

    To go along with my new job and the hassle of getting to learn all the new ropes, I definitely need some delicious coffee to keep me on my toes…along with the kiwi shoe gels when having to wear killer heels for 9 hours a day!

    And lastly, ghd products because everyone has those bad hair days, especially to beat the frizz caused by miserable winter weather! 😛

    Holding thumbs to be the winner! 🙂 and thanks for the fabulous prize!!!

  16. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Linda…This is ..WOW!This is every girls dream and mine.At my age,I never was on a such a girly pampering and would love to share it with one of my sisters.This would really be a dream come true….pinch me..ouch it's true!!!!!!!

  17. Natascha
    Natascha says:

    Pretty please pick me. I really need a weekend away with my hubbie. We haven't been spending enought quality time together. This would be so ideal.

  18. Leanne
    Leanne says:

    Why should I win?
    Coz these are THE most fabulous prizes!!

    As a single mom working full time there is very little time or money left over for spoiling myself. So the nail polish, ghd and smiling feet products would be divinely self-indulgent.

    The coffee would be brilliant to share with friends while we chat and catch up. Also, what better way to start off each day!

    My Mom has recently recovered from breast cancer so I'd love to treat her with a trip to Mannabay and Ambiente.

  19. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    1. I recently got engaged so I would love to treat my future hubby to a spa treatment or a romantic getaway.

    2. Work is so stressful and busy.. my nails reflect this! Some Essie nail polish will help me feel like a girlie-girl again.

    3. Heels are hot, but not feeling any pain after rocking them for 8 hours will be even hotter!

    4. I love rainy days as much as the next girl.. But winter spells trouble for my hair! Some GHD products will be the perfect anti-frizz treatment.

    5. I leave for work at 6.30am… I need a yummy cup of java as a pick-me-up!

    6. I love your blog Victoria

    – Chanel Ponto

  20. Orit Keret
    Orit Keret says:

    I so need some nice ME time! a little break and pamper will be great but even a nice cup of coffee will be amazing!
    Orit x

  21. Leanne
    Leanne says:

    Oh I forgot to mention that my Mom's 60th birthday is on 29 July – the trip to Mannabay and Ambiente would be PERFECT 🙂

  22. tegan_ashley
    tegan_ashley says:

    Oh my goodness, the prizes are amazing!!! After this hecctic crazy semester some pampering would go down so well. I'd take my best friend with, as sshe's had a rough couple of months. She really deserves it. Would be perfect 🙂

  23. D'vine Living
    D'vine Living says:

    I was sitting here for a couple of minutes thinking of why I should get this awesome price, well, I didn't come up with an awesome answer (a waste of a couple of minutes), all I can say is that we just bought our first house, who is a major renovation project. Thus, no time, or money for some personal TLC, the only TLC happening around here, is for the old house. So yeah, choose me, cause I have an old house 🙂 and I am so addicted to ESSIE, GHD, coffee and beautiful spaces, hence my interior decorating blog.

  24. Annamarie
    Annamarie says:

    I think I deserve some TLC and these prizes would certainly do the trick. My husband has been away from home, working in the Cape for three months, so I would definitely enjoy the spa treatment and the wonderful hotel room with him. I had to take care of everything at home, including cleaning the swimming pool weir in icy weather, which means that my hands deserve Essie now. And my daugther has been in America for nearly five months, so a family reunion over several cups of Douwe Egberts would be super. And then we can put the gel cushions in our shoes and go shopping together, even if it means window shopping only! Annamarie

  25. Lana {lanalou style}
    Lana {lanalou style} says:

    Ok so it's hard to compete with all these brilliant comments, who doesn't deserve to win this fab prize?!

    I will soon be leaving my trusty job to start freelancing so…
    I will need to be looking my best! I will need all the help I can get from Essie and GHD!
    I'll need lots of good coffee to keep me on the go and I'm sure what with all the running around, Smiling Feet will be a great relief as well as a relaxation session at Ambiente Day Spa!
    And then of course a night at the fab Mannabay will just be the cherry on the top for all my hard work!;)
    Pick me pls!!

  26. Ndileka
    Ndileka says:

    I need the pampering give away or the night away to spoil my loved one when he returns from the USA soon after being away for 5 weeks! Shortly after that it is our 3 yr anniversary and am really needing to think of an amazing present- this would be it!

    Vanessa Berger

  27. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    A mother deserves to have the treaments mentioned, it would be pure indulgence. A day to forget about your responsibilities and just being pampered, instead of doing the pampering.


  28. jorika
    jorika says:

    Ek en my lieflingman verdien hierdie bederfies! Ons sal dit baie geniet – veral omdat ons nie met ons 25-jaar-huweliksherdenking feesgevier het nie.

  29. ohjustamo
    ohjustamo says:

    Oh wow, it's going to be difficult to compete with all these deserving ladies. I think all us girls could use a spoil 🙂

    This competition has come at the right time (especially if I win) because I've been down with flu or whatever this germ is for too long. I could use an Ambient Day Spa session and a night at night to relax in luxury with my husband at the Mannabay fine boutique hotel (I looked at their site and it's sooo gorgeous!)

    Okay, now I have a little confession… I don't own a GHD anything! It's time to get with the programme 🙂 I've also been looking at my hands and thinking "Dam girl, you're boring!" I paint my toenails but hardly ever my fingernails. I need to change it up this winter and add some colour!

    And finally, there 2 things that make me instantly happy… slipping on a comfy pair of shoes and a cup of hot coffee. Sometimes it's the small things, right? 🙂 And if my Mr. makes me Douwe Egberts Pure Gold coffee and Kiwi smiling feet could make my heels as comfy as flats, I'll be one happy girl!

    So there you have it, a whole bunch of reasons to pick me. And here's one more… it's my birthday this month too 🙂

  30. Tasquia
    Tasquia says:

    Wow! I would absolutely love, love, love to win this! I have never heard of a more indulgent prize in my life! As a full time Mom who works from home after being retrenched because I was pregnant, and who's currently studying from home as well, there's no real time or funds for indulgent treats such as these!
    I have a high pressure job and a growing baby! And mostly because of the job being at home, I don't see my home as a place of comfort anymore, more a place of stress and work!
    I would love to win so that I can escape reality for a bit of pure unadulterated indulgent fun!

  31. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Sharing is caring. I would love to share this with my friends who really need a pick-me-up. Feeling lucky, holding thumbs. x

  32. Tania
    Tania says:

    Wow – I stumbled across your blog thanks to a friends posting of the link! I'm glad I have. I'd just like to win because it's been a tough year. So many heartbreaks of my friends I would treat them all to a mini spa day at my house compliments of essi and ghd products with super coffee. Pamper prizes are meant to be shared because who doesn't feel a bit better after some special treatment! The spa day would be shared with my bestie and I'll have to decide who to take on the night away! PS my heels are never without my smiling feet!

  33. Tuinmeisie
    Tuinmeisie says:

    Ooh I would love that coffee and nail polish and the ghd. I would first straighten my curlies and then paint my nails then after that hard work make myself a cup of coffee whilst waiting for my date. Cos a girl cannot look pretty and stay at home.

  34. Frabjousway
    Frabjousway says:

    A girl just can't have too much pampering now, can she? And so, I, as much as anyone else, deserve the pampering! We all work hard and need time to 'smell the roses' (just been 'smelling' them on your blog – Thanks! such a lovely unashamedly girly site) so go ahead and make that draw for a lucky girl (and if it's me, so much the better).

  35. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    well, i will never be able to say i am more deserving, but i will say i have never been pampered ever before. Not in a spa or ever had my nails done… I just don't have the finances to buy Douwe Egberts coffee. Once a month I do put some money aside to buy a small packet of their dark intense coffee… I do caregiving and I find my work sometimes very stressed and sad and mostly it is a work where I am the giver and the only thing I will receive back is the satisfaction of knowing I have brightened someone else's day and lightened their load…

  36. Erna Jansen van Rensburg
    Erna Jansen van Rensburg says:

    What's a girl to do? So many Prizes up for grabs!
    It's easy to like your page- it's trendy- it shows us the finer things in life-
    We all need to just relax and spend some of the money we work so hard for on ourselves with a nice pamper session or just a glorious weekend away. Even relaxing with an indulgence like DouweEgberts before we start our busy day will put a smile on our faces. Did you know that you can brighten up someones day by just giving them a nice big smile when they pass you by…….. try it – it's something that does not cost a scent but is sooo awarding!

  37. Anja Oosthuizen
    Anja Oosthuizen says:

    sooo, I could join many others and tell you how much I deserve this… but truelly… it's just not true – noone deserves this kind of spoiling!

    I will definately ENJOY it all the most… no doubt about that! love it!

  38. Monique Croome
    Monique Croome says:

    If I had to win this prize it would DEFINITELY be divided amongst my lovely ladies in our amazing bookclub, ABC[Awesome Book Club] – Check us out on FB! My mother and my hubby. I would take my mom to the Ambiente Day Spa – she has never had any pampering/spa treatment before and she would really feel relaxed after all the amazing treatments. Nails, hair and good coffee will be the order of the day at our next ABC meeting. We can all give each other manicures and pedicures – who needs books?! And for those ladies who work on their feet all day, I'll make sure they each receive one of the Smiling Feet hampers. Lastly, since hubby and I have not yet had a honeymoon (we were married in March) and I have just found out I am pregnant so there is little chance we will be able to splurge on a honeymoon any time soon, I will take hubby away for a magical night at Mannabay Fine Boutique Hotel.

    And so, basically, if I were to win this prize it would really actually be more than 20 people winning! YAY!

  39. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I would absolutely be the luckiest girl ever to win this competition.

    Its my 2 year anniversary coming up and this would be the perfect treat to have some spa treatments and a wonderful night away with my gorgeous "metrosexual" boyfriend 🙂

    I'm always looking at the specials on Groupon but this is the best competition i've seen by far!

    Sounds like i would be getting the pampering i'm in serious need of 🙂

    Please pick me!!! xx Claire

  40. Dawn Wallenkamp
    Dawn Wallenkamp says:

    I really think that I should win this prize – not because I am greedy but because I like to GIVE to other people and should I win I would most certainly share all this with my loved ones as it is better to give than to receive.

  41. Sammy
    Sammy says:


    Love the blog.

    I think i should win for i have never ever won a prize in my life and that i would love to be pampered a little bit.

    Please Please pick me would love it to win this competition.

    Warm Regards

  42. Robyn Lee
    Robyn Lee says:

    Let me start off by saying your Blog Page is the most gorgeous I have ever seen, truly inspirational!
    I have just left the most beautiful City in the world (Cape Town) to support my fiance as he was retrenched in Jan this year. We decided to move to Durban, to his family for some much needed support! I left my family and friends in Cape Town – and Im so desperately homesick, so I'd welcome any reason to fly back to Cape Town for a while to enjoy your gorgeous prizes and see all my wonderful, truly missed family and friends.
    Some pampering would be great as the change of climate and lifestyle has left this working mommy of 2 amazing little children, in desperate need of some "Me Time"…
    I'd also love the opportunity to spoil my Mother with some of these lovely prizes as I missed Mother's Day with her this year x

    I hope it doesnt sound like too much of a sob story …but regardless it is my story, and the reason I would love to win your competition 🙂
    Robyn Lee x

  43. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    I would like to take my boyfriend away and just spoil him. His father got diagnosed with terminal cancer and I would love to just pamper him and get his mind off this for a bit. He has been taking a huge amount of strain.

    Many thanks,

  44. Anya Klaassen
    Anya Klaassen says:

    Wait, this is all one prize! Dear god, I nearly fainted just now. This is awesome. Just the thought of winning all this amazing stuff is seriously damaging my 'serious face' (I am at work right now after all).

    I've been in Cape Town for one year (exactly!) now and my first anniversary with my amazing boyfriend is coming up in three weeks. This package would be the most amazing way to celebrate a year that has been for me so full of ups, downs, challenges and unbelievable growth. I was able to take a difficult situation and through a lot of hard work, and a bit of luck, turn my life around completely.

    The best part is that I've lucked into the most amazing friends in the world, so I have truly awesome people to share the prize with. In fact, I've actually made a word document listing who gets what (yes, I'm bored at work!)

    I'm a huge believer in the idea that you have to take the time to celebrate everything (and everyone) good in your life… I can't think of a better way to do it! So although everyone who's commented here deserves it, I really hope that you'll pick me.

    PS – I tweeted and facebooked too!

  45. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Olga Nieuwenhuizen

    Like you I also adore and love!!!! beautiful things, yummy thing, pampering things!!!! I would love to win any of those…Why would I you asked????…why wouldnt I! I can tell you anything but nothing will justify me NOT wanting to win anything… because everyone would love to win…so shall i say good luck to all…and exciting times await to the ones who win 🙂

  46. Marna
    Marna says:

    Wonderful competition! I love all things nice and beautiful but being a stay-at-home mum leaves little time for pampering. Will follow your blog for more beauty tips. A girl can never have enough.

  47. Marie-Louise
    Marie-Louise says:


    I deserve this prize, because I work really hard. The sad thing is that I can never get a proper holiday, because I use up my days one by one for friends weddings or to accomodate other people!

    My husband and I would go to the Ambiente Day Spa for a couples day 🙂 He works alot of shifts(also weekends), so it would be GREAT to spend some quality time together.

    The nail varnish I would give to a very good friend of mine(as I don't really use it much) – she is getting married in October(there goes another day!) and she would love new nail varnish.

    GHD products I would keep to myself! Using heat everyday to style ones hair does take it's toll!

    Mannabay Hotel….. again, me and hubby would LOVE to get away from it all! – I would actually just go there to soak up all their designs as inspiration! – IT'S SO BEAUTIFULL!!

    Kiwi smiling feet… My feet would LOVE you forever!! Why do we need to sit down when we can be tearing up the dance floor!! some shoes just need some help being comfortable, 'cause lets be honest, we don't buy comfortable shoes! – if they look nice, they're SOLD! 😉

    There is constant fighting at work regarding the brand of coffee that is bought, so if I win this, my co-workers will be SO gratefull! – I will be very pupular at work! – well, at least untill it's all gone!

    Please pick me! You know you want to! 🙂


  48. Kash
    Kash says:

    WOW! what a great collaboration of FAB prizes!I'd love to win as it would, no doubt, be one of the best bday presents ever!

    Since my and my husbands' bday happens to be on the same day – 27th June I'd def share my treat with my bday twin – the hotel stay, the pampering package and we're both such coffee lovers!!!! The other goodies I'd share with 4 girlfriends of mine whose bday happen to be in June as well!

  49. valerie boolsen
    valerie boolsen says:

    I am sure I am not as deserving as all these other ladies – but who know? Its been a tough 2 years due to my moms ill health – and then boom! I have a heart attack out of the blue on Mothers day!!!!!!! so perhaps a wee bit of pampering for us is what its about!!!!!

  50. Antoinette Pretorius
    Antoinette Pretorius says:

    There was once a beautiful princess who lived in a kingdom caught in the wicked grip of the evil witch Neglectia. This witch cast a freezing spell of winter over everything in the kingdom. The princess’s hair, once golden and flowing, turned into icicles. Her pretty nails froze into grey frost, and her glowing skin became a sheet of dry ice. Even her happy heart numbed under the witch’s spell. The brave princess ran from one end of the kingdom to the other, trying to find help, until her poor little feet ached from the strain, and her mouth was dry from exhaustion.

    One day, the princess came upon a Magical Thinking Box. Inside the box lived a fairy godmother. This fairy godmother was the wisest and most generous fairy in the entire kingdom. On a reflecting screen, she showed the princess the magical charms against the witch’s cruel spell, and asked the princess if she liked what she saw. The princess was too happy to speak, because she knew that with the fairy godmother’s help she could banish the evil witch. Her hair would shine in the sunlight, and her skin would taste of summer peaches. Her kingdom would once again become joyful and golden. She kissed the Magical Thinking Box in excited delight.

  51. Gabi
    Gabi says:

    Woweee, what amazing prizes! I am currently supposed to be studying but instead procrastinating by reading your beautiful blog, can you blame me? I would love to win some girly pampering prizes, doing my post grad this year in a male dominated field, feel I could seriously do with some feminine and relaxation in my life!
    Thanks KBT
    Gabi B

  52. Emily
    Emily says:

    Everyone has such great ideas for what they would use the various goodies in this giveaway, not sure I say much more. Will use my gifts wisely. Definately treat my mum and dad to the hotel stay- it's their 26th wedding anniversary in July and it would be great to treat them to something extravagant as my usual self-funded student life doesn't allow for great shows of affection. The other goodies will be put to great use as well. *Holding thumbs!*

    Emily (emilyskye.mcgregor[at]

  53. Jacci
    Jacci says:

    oh wow! such amazing prizes.
    i'm no more or less special than anyone else who would like to be a winner…but i'm a mom of 2 x teenagers, so i would love to be pampered and have some time away from them. in return i would treat my mom to join me in the spa, and my husband and i could have a fabulous night away from the chaos of our home.

  54. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    wow – epic prizes – I'd love to win because I could definitely use a detox at this stage of winter, my nails would be so jealous if they didn't get some Essie on them, GHD is my hair's BFF, a night at Manabay looks spectacular, if anything can keep my feet smiling on a night out dancing, then hopefully it's Kiwi's smiling feet, and coffee makes my world go round. Seriously! 🙂

  55. katielipovsky
    katielipovsky says:

    This is an amazing hamper! If I won, it'd be great to treat friends to these amazing prizes, as well 🙂

  56. Amelia, Baby Birdie
    Amelia, Baby Birdie says:

    What a gorgeous giveaway! My mum, who's one of my closest friends, lives in England. I miss her everyday, and long to just do normal, girly, mother-daughter things. If I won this compo, I'd share it with my mum, who's due to visit soon. She works so hard, has sacrificed so much for me and deserves to be spoilt. I'd love to indulge her with a few of her favourite things – thanks @toritatham for giving me the chance! *holds thumbs*

  57. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I cannot believe this is all in one prize!!! AMAZING. I've never been to a spa or had a massage… Essie is the bomb and I need practice painting my nails (as you know). GHD is my daily savior and I have runners feet so enough said there. All in all, I'm slipping into Winter/first job trolldome and need to break free!! Fingers crossed xxx

  58. Miranda Wellness
    Miranda Wellness says:

    Id love to tell you why i need to win the ghd set, im just really hoping i qualify. I am the poster girl for unruly in this Cape Town weather, one rain drop and all resistance crumbles! Im a skin care therapist and need to look my best, with a strict skin care regime and all the knowledge, i can however not control my mane. Here's to hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel. I love dogs (especially puggles of pug puppies, but i dont wish to look like a poodle every time a rain cloud bursts!)

  59. kathcake
    kathcake says:

    oh wow! This is amazing! Thanks Kiss Blush and Tell… the Douwe Egberts coffee is amazing. Now that they make instant coffee – that I can't afford on my student budget I think I deserve it because I have had it! It is amazing! And I am a true appreciator. hehe. Also – it could help a medical student (moi) stay up on those exam nights… Seems I'm playing the student card twice. As for the others, ah! Essie! I love you! And the latest stone colour I have of yours – I bite my nails. So having pretty little colourful nails is such a deterrent! This is amazing. Eek! And GHD! I have my straightener. My lovely thing that has been around for 4 life changing years… I saved up the money for it. It was tough! Though no regrets now! The shampoo as fabulous as it looks… I haven't used… bit out of my budget (responsible me) sooooo yes! It would be a treat! honour! and a privileged to see my shower and cupboards aglow with GHD products. Ah!

    Yay! amazing give-away! I never win! So hope chance chooses NOW!

    x Kathcake

  60. Lameez
    Lameez says:

    W-O-W!!! Such an amazing giveaway!!! So happy to have found your blog, really interesting and fun!!! 🙂 <3

  61. Desloveszayd
    Desloveszayd says:

    Now… this is a giveaway I will surely enjoy. I can't remember the last time I've been spoiled. I love the pamper hamper, Essie nail polish and the night stay at the luxurious Mannabay. oh and of course, love the GHD hamper. just gotta love their products. I would really LOVE to win this. I hope I can get lucky. This might just be the break that I need. Thanks Tori for being selfless. and Happy bday 🙂

    I have posted the link on my Facebook and Twitter account.

  62. Emma
    Emma says:

    This is officially the most awesome giveaway ever. And I'll tell you why. There is no way on earth that I could keep all these prizes to myself if I won.
    I would:
    – Spend the Spa day with my Godmother, who the most generous person I know, and is always there for me
    – Let my 15 year old sister use the GHD products – she owns a flat-iron!
    – Spend the weekend away at Mannabay with my BF. We have a long-distance relationship and I see him only every now and then. It's hard 🙁
    – Give a gel cushion to each of my girlfriends
    – Split the 6 jars of coffee between friends I know need it the most.

  63. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Here goes…

    I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. And heels – even when your feet will hate you. I believe that hard work should be rewarded with lazy days. I believe in pink. I believe in drinking waaaay too much coffee. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe in miracles. And I'm a great believer in luck. So here's to happy girls with lots of luck 🙂

  64. Georgia Christian
    Georgia Christian says:

    What a pretty blog! So, I tweeted and shared on Twitter and Facebook and hope my friends and followers will do the same, although how can you not want to enter with prizes up for grabs like this?!

    Also, this week I'm feeling particularly lucky and philosophical as I celebrate the last year of my twenties this weekend. A whole new chapter awaits, can only hope it's as crazy as the past decade.

  65. michness
    michness says:

    If I won I would jump up and down, hug random passerbys, kiss a stranger a la that famous picture of the sailor and the girl, and sing 'Everywhere' by Fleetwood Mac at the top of my lungs. True story.

    I've tweeted (michness) and I deserve it coz its winter, I'm single and cuddleless, and need a bit of cheering up!

    Michelle Baron

  66. Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith says:

    AMAZE competition thanks for the opportunity! Ok so here goes:

    A girl loves to be loved & pampered to the max,
    Who of us wouldn't gasp at the opportunity of high tea on our laps?

    Soft, feathery downy duvets & a personal butler on call,
    MannaBay is the perfect piece of heavenly escape from the hustle & bustle of the mall!

    Perfect nails, comfy feet & delish latte's, these are some of the few comforts that would make any beauty princess'day…

    Glossy hair, pampered bod & rosy, glowing skin,
    These are some of the items I would oh so love to win!

    I am also a new mom (5 month old baby) and would love to feel like a hot, relaxed mama again!

    Lauren Smith

  67. Mario
    Mario says:

    Love is…

    Love is embracing the overwhelming effusion of girliness your blog is so artfully imbued with, so as to be the standard-bearer of potentially-awesome-boyfriends everywhere. Love is wanting something solely for the sake of her pleasure.

    Love is without self. Love is everlasting, despite the comings and goings of Winters and Springs; love is what makes worlds twirl and heads spin, and love is why she deserves all of this, and more.

    Mario Aurelio Garcia

  68. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    Wow that's a fabulous giveaway! I really love to have the prezzie because my birthday is on this Wednesday. I am so busy with work and life that I didn't even have time to plan my birthday party. This is sad! Even though my friends are planning my big 26 for me this weekend but I think I really need to spoil myself abit…hopefully with LUCK! The last time I went on a holiday was….last year Dec *shock horror!* So pretty please…I am rubbing the lamp…grant me this wish!

    Jasmine Ho
    Tweeting right away! @jasapple

  69. suganon
    suganon says:

    Wow i hope i get this in on time!

    ok here are my reasons why you should pick me!

    (a) its my birthday in 14 days and I'm turning that awkward age of 27, not young anymore, not really a fully fledged adult, wrong side of 20, uuugggghhhh makes 30 seem hell of a close!

    (b) my best friends has recently proposed to his wonderful british girlfriend, and she has askem me to be her maid of honor! I'm so touched by this and have no words to describe how much this means to me! As her birthday is 2 days before mine i reckon some pampering at the Ambiente Day Spa would be the perfect way to say thank you!

    (c) I am the most useless girl in the world, I hardly wear make up, I constantly am mocked for my lack of hair style skills, i usually paint my nails in multiple shades for fun and its only a matter of hours before I've kicked off my heels and am dancing barefoot! The range of products will certainly make me more lady-like as i cross over into the older realm of pre-30's (ugh)

    (d) The most important reason! I have recently met the most amazing guy, seriously I've struck gold, but 3 months into the relationship I have had to go away, for a whole month (I'm currently typing this from London, trapped inside on the hottest day of the year working like a slave!) its been 6 days and the impending 24 seem like forever! I reckon a night at the STUNNING Mannabay would be the best way to kick off where we left off a month before, plus the brownie points I'd get for that will be priceless!

    (e) We will definitely need the coffee to ensure we dont miss one second of the amazing 5 star experience!

    (f) I'm going to spread this comp in its last few hours so far and wide you'll be getting entries from Uzbekistan! twitter, facebook email, the works!!!

    So come on, make an age-a-phobic, madly in-like, ungirly, birthday girl's ENTIRE YEAR and pick ME!!!

  70. The Olive
    The Olive says:

    I really really reeeeeeeeeally need something like this.. I am going through the shittiest break up ever and have been struggling so much. I couldn't think of anything that I need more than to win a competition like this – I need the pampering, the boost in self confidence and the chance to relax and escape this mess. To spoil myself and indulge… And I could bring my best friend and just have much-needed girl time…

  71. LivLoo
    LivLoo says:

    I would KILL to win this incredible competition! I never get the chance to seriously pamper myself and winning these amazing prizes would ensure that I would be the most pampered and spoilt girl this side of the equator 🙂 pick me pick me pick me! 🙂 fingers, toes, legs, arms, hair, eyes crossed! xxx

  72. Fightycat
    Fightycat says:

    Dear KB&T,

    I should def win this prize as I rescued you from a near certain advertorial death and also because I could use some pampering 🙂

  73. Purusha
    Purusha says:

    I think I should win the prize. Apart from needing pampering, would just like something to happen to me that is positive for change. Its just been one failure after another this year, the universe has done everything it can to work against me. So yep, I should win.



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