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I have finally decided that I am ready to make a change to my hair. I think this decision came about after spending time with my oldest friend who assured me I would love it, and then, of course, going to visit Marios salon for the first time after hearing rave reviews.

I showed him my options and rattled off my list of about 30 things that I did NOT want and it just felt right that he was the person to do this for me. I had booked a pedicure and a cut and blow-dry on Friday and I was blown away with the service and the comfort of the salon. The staff are all so friendly, yet so calm. For the first time in a while I felt like I had to close my eyes and relax – so often hair salons are complete and utter chaos! The head massage was unreal and Marios did a curl for me which looked so pretty (and held nicely).

I think the reason I get so nervous when it comes to this sort of thing is that I have seen way too many disasters. Yes, you can just chop it off or dye it again, but it never looks the same. Another problem is that I want to go for the ombré look that has been somewhat overdone – but in my opinion the good one’s look simply amazing and no comment on the home jobs. Ladies, please don’t attempt this at home.

I have made my appointment for mid-September, as Marios is a popular man, and can’t wait to share it with you. Below is the image of what I like (Lily Aldridge), perfectly subtle and natural.

I know a few already of you have asked me about this salon over e-mail or Instagram, but see more details here

Marios Company

81 Main Rd Exhibition building

2nd Floor (above El Burro)

Green Point 8001 Cape Town

021 801 0667

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  1. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Tori, I went last week after having chatted to you – and just LOVE!!!! Mario is great, you feel totally at ease with him…I didnt have to ask him to NOT hack my hair and he just did his thing! Really a great find, and have officially found my new "Hair God". 🙂 Thanks a bunch! x x x x Karma


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