We have all heard about this by now, well unless you have been living under a rock that is, but Moroccanoil has literally taken over the beauty world, and is fast-becoming that cult product we will all keep buying over and over again.

Last week I had the privilege of meeting the art director behind this amazing brand, Antonio Corral Calero. The session gave me the chance to ask every question I needed to, leaving me with even more reason as to why this is literally my favourite product on the market at the moment when it comes to hair care.

I have been using the oil for about 2 months now and think it is amazing, first off it smells like you could literally eat it and secondly it leaves your hair free of those dreaded fly-away bits and feeling like silk. No more wispy pathetic strands, just healthy looking, shiny hair – while steering clear of the oil-slick look. I really have seen a difference in my hair. I must admit though, it does take a while to get used to the exact amount that your hair needs. I always find it all good and well for professionals to tell you to use a “R5 coin size” amount, but really all hair is different, and mine needs a hell-of-a lot less than a R5 coin size, even though its super long. A tip that I wish I knew straight away, is to steer clear of your roots, when I say this literally use the tiniest amount on the ends and middle of your hair, nothing at all on the scalp. This only results in oiliness.

For those of you who do have finer, more oily hair, there is the Moroccan Oil Light version which I am going to be trying next. Essentially the main ingredient in this range is the famous Argan oil, that originated from Morocco. The oil is known for being amazing with hydration and nourishment, thus I have also been adding a bit of my oil to my normal body cream – feels great. I event put some on my face, I get carried away like that…

Retail proces are below:  Treatment Oil 100ml & light R 380.00 Treatment Oil 100ml R 380.00 Hydrating Styling Cream 300ml R 285.00 Intense Curl Cream 300ml R 285.00 Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask 250ml. R 295.00 Moroccanoil Shine Spray, glass bottle 100ml. R 245.00 

Image source here and sent from Moroccan Oil

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  1. bianca
    bianca says:

    Ah i LOVE this stuff! have also been using it for about a month now and really won't be able to live without it. FAB product.

  2. Laiqah
    Laiqah says:

    I can't wait to try this! I've heard nothing but amazing things about Moroccan oil!
    Do you know where I can find it in Cape Town?

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    I know, such a fan. Yes Laiqah – you can find it at the hairdresser opposite YDE at the V&A.You can call this number for other stockists (011) 11 305 1600


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