The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse, in The Glen

Who doesn’t want to go here? No one?? Thought not. And if you don’t then you probably haven’t heard about it.

My parents always raved about The Roundhouse, and that back in their day it was their best hangout! Having my family here for the weekend for the Argus, we decided to head to there on Saturday late afternoon for sun downers and a pizza – and my god it was the perfect evening weather wise!

The vibe is somewhat understated – especially for the price, but that’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable – quite the opposite actually. Their was a live band (their first evening of trying this out) which was awesome!! It was a brother and sister who sang beautifully and were throwing out some awesome classics and sing-alongs.

The benched tables are perfect and their view is simply faultless – a Clifton view as good as it gets really! The cocktails (at a standard R45) were flowing, seriously delicious, although being sponsored by Tanquaraygin – they were limited. A good old Mojito would have gone down a treat! We then opted for a pizza, and at R140 it was seriously disappointing – they used cheddar cheese which made a oily, soggy and after two slices I couldn’t stomach anymore. Not exactly the ideal pre-Argus meal for my Dad and brother! (although they look amazing hey…)

Bar the pizza I would definitely go back for drinks, what a great vibe – from the adorable black piglets that scuttle around to the chickens in the garden (OK… I could do without these!!) Don’t go there expecting a Caprice/Clifton hot-spot vibe, but rather an understated, classy fresh atmosphere where there is no need to dress up – just enjoy the drinks and get on their make-shift dance floor should you feel that way inclined!

The RoundhouseKloof Road, Camps BayCape Town


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