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I got my bottle of Le Labo perfume when living in London. It was a scent that a very glam lady I knew in London wore, and reminded me of the city – so whenever I do wear it, that’s the first thing that comes to mind 🙂 I hadn’t ever heard of these perfumes, but since having one of my own they really are something different. Le Labo operate as a lab for perfume and are the only perfumery in the world that ‘make-to-order’. Literally. So when going into the lab, you choose your scent, of which there are about 18, and this is packaged (with your name and all!!). This way the intensity remains as the alcohol and the oils are only blended at the final moments, so when I say a little goes a long way – I cant emphasize it enough! The delicate high notes that ‘make’ these perfumes are kept very delicate and notable. This is what Le labo have to say about their fragrances on their website – check it out here(it’s amazing)

“The first time you wear a Le Labo perfume you’ll realise instantly how very different it is from traditional perfumes. le Labo perfumes “SHOCK” and it’s that shock that captivates, astounds, titillates, intrigues and beguiles

How’s that for a description! But it is kind of true – it definitely is one of those treats for yourself that really make you feel indulged. It is so luxurious from the packaging (personal ET El) to the store, original smell and f the fact that it was mixed for you. If you feel the urge for a treat, a proper spoiling have a look at these fragrances. I got the Patchouli 24 (R1100) which is very strong, it’s described as being quite leathery, smoky and difficult to situate, however the softness of vanilla makes the scent both unique and beautiful. The prices do seem high initially but in the long run you will have this perfume for ages.

Give them a try, I am dying to buy some of their candles too.

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