Weekend Roll Out

A brief summary of my weekend if you happen to care…

Started Friday off with a visit to the newly opened Yours Truly on Long Street, below Neighbourhood. This is definitely going to be a constantly vibey/great coffee hang out. The art on the walls is all local and looks awesome on the wooden slate walls that look like old wooden crates have been used, see the photo below. The rolls are so good, that they definitely give The Kitchen Love Rolls a run for their money! Already planning my next return…

Image from ilovecoffee.co.za

Saturday was a food day, spent making home-made pizza’s – how impressive!!! Birthday drinks at Julep for lovely Olivia, finished off my a very festive dinner at Wakame, where too much Sushi was eaten and way too many Mojito’s and sneaky patrones were drunk. Love this restaurant!

And, just like the rest of Cape Town I’m sure, Sunday was spent on the beach which was amazing until this creature blocked my beautiful view. Other than that, I am going to be super cliche and say I am absolutely loving Cape Town and this summery weather! I think I’m on holiday…

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