Skin Care Ritual – Summer

I have to change my skin care routine quarterly, and its this time of year especially. My skin doesn’t seem to know if its oily, dry/flakey or having the odd breakout. This is what i do to try keep it as stable as possible, taking into account the change in weather and humidity…


Day – I am still with my old-faithful Special Cleansing Gel from Dermalogica. As a gel cleanser, it freshens up perfectly, removing all impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It’s hard to justify spending R600 on a cleanser but when it lasts around a year it is well worth it!

Night – I’m back on the amazing Eve Lom cleanser. You can’t get this in SA but its readily available online at around £78 for 200ml (bit steep I know!) it’s an oil-based cle

anser that melts away any trace of make-up in seconds. The removal is done with a slightly course muslin cloth, which exfoliates the skin simultaneously.


The Multi-active Toner from Dermalogica (+- R370) becomes a product I reach for a lot more in summer. Its so calming and freshens up dull day make-up in seconds. Its spritzer bottle is great for a cooling spray, and is perfect to take to the beach.

Tip: Put this product (or any toner really) in the fridge, it wakes the skin up, while calming any morning puffiness, and feels amazing!


Day – I am using a light gel-based moisturiser that helps keep my make-up on through out the day (Darphin Hydra Skin Light – not available in SA), an alternative that I have been using and is available here is REN’s Hydra-calm Global Protection Day Cream (Woolworths, R550). Finishing off with Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair SPF for ‘strong sun’. I know Environs facial SPF is good too.

Night – I am using a thicker cream based moisturiser at night to put back the moisture that is lost through air-con etc during the day, its from Natura Bisse’s Oxygen range. REN’s Omega 3 Overnight Lipid Renewal Serum (Woolworths R700) is great on top to seal it all in, this can be used alone too.


I am religiously exfoliating and face masking twice weekly. Scrub is a new find from Elemis. The Energising Skin Scrub (Woolies R500) from the men’s section (I know) –it’s abrasive and does the job well. Using Chantecaille’s Jasmine and Lilly Healing Mask to calm and hydrate the skin, and sleeping with this on for added benefits.

For the odd pimple I use a clay based (kaolin) tea tree mask which dries out the problem while getting rid of any germs in the area, I usually just put this on as a spot treatment and sport big, white dots for as long as possible, the longer its on the better so if you can sleep with it on its best.

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